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Tips, Treats, Topics and Treasures {January 2014}

monthly round up January 2014

Beginning this month, I’m going to do a round up at the end of each month of things that have grabbed my attention over the course of the month – things to make in the kitchen, things I’m reading or watching, something I’ve read or discovered in health and natural living, and perhaps something we’ve been doing in homeschooling that’s been a great experience or fun part of the journey.

I simply want to pass on things that have caught my interest and been of benefit to my journey, in the hope that you might also find something useful or inspiring too.

So here goes…

In the Kitchen

What I’m Reading and Watching

  • Crafted Prayer (e-book) by Graham Cooke
  • Why Stomach Acid is Good for you: Natural Relief from Heartburn Indigestion, Reflux and GERD – by Wright and Lenard
  • I’ve been enjoying Dr Caroline Leaf’s material for the last couple of years on the brain and faith connection, and strongly recommend you listen in.  She has a series online at the moment on TBN.  Here is the first episode.
  • Compelled by Love – the inspiring story of Heidi Baker.
  • Rend Collective: 10,000 reasons – Love this! Intimate, honest, inclusive worship in a community of kindred people.  Love the Irish folksy sound, and love the heart of these people to honour one another and honour their King.
  • I am really looking forward to watching this one coming out this year: ‘Heaven is for Real

New Discoveries

  • iHerb.com – a great place to get over 35,000 supplements, health and beauty products at great prices.  Best of all, they ship to NZ for just $4, and only $8 for 2-day delivery (on average).   I’ve already put through 2 orders – love cheap international postage!
  • See the Light Shine Art DVD series – just got bumped up my homeschool wishlist.  We can’t wait to get started next month!
  • PureSante –spend months or years trying to get to the bottom of your health issues (like I have!), or consult with someone like the amazing Rachael who can help lead you into greater health. For folks in the Bay of Plenty, give this fantastic gal a call – she is amazing!

On the Homeschool Front

Online Treasures (great reads on the web)

  • I participated in a blog hop with my friends at the TOS Review Crew on the ‘Homeschool Essentials’.  Here’s a few I enjoyed:
  1. Wildflower Ramblings Content with my Role as Mother
  2. Delightful LearningMy Children’s Essentials
  3. FinchnWrenLove
  4. Every Bed of Roses Art and Music Appreciation Resources
  5. At Home: Where Life HappensPaperbacks

A Few of my Favourite Things

Quote of the Month

“When the key element of your identity comes from a negative, then your experiences will always be negative. When you see yourself as a sinner, then you will be preoccupied with sin. When you know that you are a saint, then you will be occupied with righteousness because a saint is one of the holy ones. You were a sinner that has been saved by grace to become a saint. You are a child of light beloved of God walking in newness of life. That makes you a completely different person!”

From MIND OF A SAINT – Graham Cooke

Have a great month!


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New Health Resource


I wanted to pass on this website to you that has just been released as I believe it will be a fantastic resource for those wanting to take control of their own health.

It’s a portal for scientific studies on all topics related to health, such as prescription drugs, nutrition and nutritional cures, superfoods, toxic chemicals, diseases, vaccines, holistic health, diet, and many more.  As I understand, it’s the first of its kind.

If you like to make informed decisions on your family’s health, and wish to do so by referring to the original studies by which many health articles are written, I encourage you to take a look.


Update on Domenic Johansson case

Domenic and his parentsA couple of weeks ago I wrote about Domenic Johansson, who was forcibly removed from his parents almost 4 years ago while they were boarding a flight to India.  Domenic was homeschooled, which at the time was legal in Sweden.

His parents, Christer and Annie Johansson, appealed to the Swedish Supreme Court to hear their case.  Last Friday the Johanssons learned that the Court has refused to hear their case.

The Johansson’s are currently reassessing their next steps after this discouraging setback.

Christer has been on Swedish Radio this last week and is updating friends and supporters on the family’s support page on Facebook.

Please continue to pray for heaven to move on their behalf!

For more information:

Two current petitions:

Help return Domenic Johansson to his parents!

Johansson-300x224Friends, can I ask you to have a read of this article on the Home Education Foundation of NZ?  We are being encouraged to write to the Swedish Supreme Court and urge them to look at this case to overturn the decision of a lower court.  Domenic Johansson was taken from his parents when they were boarding a flight to leave the country during the school holidays – simply because he was homeschooled.

This is heartbreaking, and an absolutely inhumane intervention from a Government to hold a child from his loving parents for three years without good reason.

A letter will take you about 10 minutes to write. You could be the drop that fills the glass.  Tell everyone you know to write.  This is about more than just homeschooling.

The world is watching.  Let the Swedish Supreme Court know it!

And pray pray pray to move heaven into this situation.

“…what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” – Micah 6:8