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Tips, Treats, Topics and Treasures {January 2014}

monthly round up January 2014

Beginning this month, I’m going to do a round up at the end of each month of things that have grabbed my attention over the course of the month – things to make in the kitchen, things I’m reading or watching, something I’ve read or discovered in health and natural living, and perhaps something we’ve been doing in homeschooling that’s been a great experience or fun part of the journey.

I simply want to pass on things that have caught my interest and been of benefit to my journey, in the hope that you might also find something useful or inspiring too.

So here goes…

In the Kitchen

What I’m Reading and Watching

  • Crafted Prayer (e-book) by Graham Cooke
  • Why Stomach Acid is Good for you: Natural Relief from Heartburn Indigestion, Reflux and GERD – by Wright and Lenard
  • I’ve been enjoying Dr Caroline Leaf’s material for the last couple of years on the brain and faith connection, and strongly recommend you listen in.  She has a series online at the moment on TBN.  Here is the first episode.
  • Compelled by Love – the inspiring story of Heidi Baker.
  • Rend Collective: 10,000 reasons – Love this! Intimate, honest, inclusive worship in a community of kindred people.  Love the Irish folksy sound, and love the heart of these people to honour one another and honour their King.
  • I am really looking forward to watching this one coming out this year: ‘Heaven is for Real

New Discoveries

  • iHerb.com – a great place to get over 35,000 supplements, health and beauty products at great prices.  Best of all, they ship to NZ for just $4, and only $8 for 2-day delivery (on average).   I’ve already put through 2 orders – love cheap international postage!
  • See the Light Shine Art DVD series – just got bumped up my homeschool wishlist.  We can’t wait to get started next month!
  • PureSante –spend months or years trying to get to the bottom of your health issues (like I have!), or consult with someone like the amazing Rachael who can help lead you into greater health. For folks in the Bay of Plenty, give this fantastic gal a call – she is amazing!

On the Homeschool Front

Online Treasures (great reads on the web)

  • I participated in a blog hop with my friends at the TOS Review Crew on the ‘Homeschool Essentials’.  Here’s a few I enjoyed:
  1. Wildflower Ramblings Content with my Role as Mother
  2. Delightful LearningMy Children’s Essentials
  3. FinchnWrenLove
  4. Every Bed of Roses Art and Music Appreciation Resources
  5. At Home: Where Life HappensPaperbacks

A Few of my Favourite Things

Quote of the Month

“When the key element of your identity comes from a negative, then your experiences will always be negative. When you see yourself as a sinner, then you will be preoccupied with sin. When you know that you are a saint, then you will be occupied with righteousness because a saint is one of the holy ones. You were a sinner that has been saved by grace to become a saint. You are a child of light beloved of God walking in newness of life. That makes you a completely different person!”

From MIND OF A SAINT – Graham Cooke

Have a great month!


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Embracing the Season {Guest Post at Whole Family Strong}

Embracing-the-Season- WFS

I’ve recently had the opportunity to write for my friend Jacque at ‘Whole Family Strong’.  I instantly connected to Jacque’s worldview when I first started reading her site.  She has a heart for simple and intentional living, and for living out wellness and wholeness faithfully as a family (make sure you check out her paleo recipes).  I love how Jacque wants to see other families living in fullness also – her website displays these words ‘Spiritually Strong, Physically Strong, Family Strong’.


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every
activity under the heavens”. 
(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Life is full of seasons and rhythms, and ebbs and flows.  

“There are seasons of waiting, of action, of preparation, of joy, of visible ministry, and of quiet and unnoticed acts of service. And then there is time of the faithful, and (immediately) unrewarded ministry in the home. Every season provides opportunity to grow and mature, and every season has a purpose to walk into a greater understanding and revelation of the character and nature of our Creator.”…


Juicing and Blending

Juicing and blending pinJuicing and blending are effective ways to get maximum nutrients from your fresh vegetables and fruits.  Both methods have benefits and we prefer to do both daily in our household.  We usually have a vegetable-based juice in the mornings, and an afternoon smoothie with more fruits and superfood powders (and the odd leafy greens blended in).

I should mention that these tips below are for general health and not a protocol for healing any specific illness or for detoxing. Those guidelines are often different, as there are certain foods that may be off-limits or at the very least, quantities of certain foods that will be restricted.

These are simply tips that have worked for our family, with the purpose of bringing greater health and vitality to our lives.


Juicing is a great way to get essential nutrients into your body without it having to break down fibre.  The nutrients and energy is absorbed into your body instantly.  For this reason, it is better to limit fruit quantities as it could cause unstable blood-sugar levels.

  • Keep your juices green – use only the amount of sweet vegetables and fruit that you would eat. Eg. one carrot, one apple, half a beetroot, and then the rest should be leafy greens
  • If you are using green powders, I personally prefer juiced grass powders, not just green powders
  • A squeeze of lemon juice with greens can help with the more bitter flavour.
  • You might like to start with gentler tasting greens, such as spinach, and when you get used to the taste use a variety of others (collards, kale, arugula, meslun, etc).
  • Have your juice on an empty stomach for maximum absorption of the nutrients.
  • Wait ½ hour before eating.
  • Don’t use as a complete meal replacement.
  • ‘Chew’ your juice, don’t knock it back fast, as your body benefits from pre-digesting it in your mouth first.


Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap - FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Smoothies are a great way of getting fibre into your diet. The best way to have it is to drink it straight away (same goes for juices).

  • Don’t overblend, as it can break the fibre down too much.
  • Add in superfood powders into your smoothie, such as spirulina, acai, lucuma, maca or other blends.  Choose only the best organic powders and blends.  Chia seeds and ground flax seeds are also a great addition.
  • Avoid adding in any other vegetables, except leafy greens, as they don’t tend to combine well with fruits (your body processes them differently).
  • I tend to keep smoothies as an afternoon pick-me-up, so they generally have a base of berries, a banana to thicken them up, raw milk (or fresh nut milk) and yoghurt or kefir.

If you’re able to make the investment, I’d recommend buying a cold-pressed or masticating juicer that squeezes out the juice (we use a Champion – the Norwalk is the best but very expensive!).  The cheaper centrifugal juicers (the ones that spin) destroy much of the nutrients.

The good people at Food Matters have this Juicer Buyer Guide which gives some detailed information on juicers:

Here’s a favourite ‘Banana-Chocolate-Coconut’ smoothie of ours (Serves 2):

  • 1 cup fresh coconut water or milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange (juice and pulp)
  • 1 or 2 peeled kiwifruit
  • A large handful of blueberries
  • 2T chia seeds
  • 1T lucuma powder
  • 1T cacao powder
  • 1T bee pollen
  • 1T maca powder (optional)

 Do you have a favourite juicing or blending recipe you’d like to share?

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A New Year and Renewed Health

A new year and renewed health


Friends, I’d love to share with you a couple of opportunities to start the new year off with a kick-start to your health.  Take advantage of a new year to set some goals and grab hold of these resources to see you on your way.

  • The good people at Food Matters are running 3 days of FREE guided detox from 3rd to 5th Jan.  Kick start your health and join in the community for recipes, discussion, and your questions answered.
  • Harvest Your Health have decided to do a re-run of the popular October sale, in which 8,865 of these super bundles were sold.

This sale will run from 3-6 January in a 90 hour re-run, and then will be gone for good!  It’s live right now!

There are a handful of products that aren’t returning on this one, but it’s still AMAZING value at $886.78 for the whole bundle.  Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 52 ebooks
  • 5 meal plans
  • 1 private kitchen community membership
  • 3 ONLINE magazines
  • 1 ONLINE fitness plan (1 month for 1 penny)
  • 20+ discount codes

The one thing I’m excited about the most in this bundle is the resources and recipes for helping us on our wheat-free journey.  When you’re armed with recipes and resources like this, it makes the transition so much easier and your long term success in changing your diet SO much more sustainable and possible.

I’ve read most of these books, and there’s something here for everyone – whether you’re planning a baby, needing some fresh recipe inspiration, needing some guidance on children’s health, or wanting to step your wheat-free (or grain-free) living up a notch.

I encourage you to take advantage of this offer, and set some goals for the new year to move into greater health for you and your family.

cooking and preparing paleo

cooking and preparing real food

home and personal care

fertility and motherhood





Intentional Simple Living

There is currently a giveaway running, with currently over $2,200 in prizes and more being added as the giveaway runs.  Make sure you ENTER HERE for an opportunity to win an i-pad, Kindles, gift cards, and much much more.

So there you have it!  Some super opportunities to boost your health and set you on a path for wellness in 2014.

I hope you’ll jump in with me!


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Weeding Out Wheat – Changes & Improvements

Weeding Out Wheat pin

It’s been about 2 months since I removed wheat from my diet.  I wrote last month about the initial changes to my health which included some weight loss and some improvements to my overall digestive health.   I find that wheat will instantly give me an unsettled stomach, and also appears to irritate my digestive tract.  As soon as I stopped wheat, the discomfort disappeared almost immediately.

Although I haven’t been 100% perfect, I’ve mostly ditched wheat from my diet completely, and the improvements have been enough to keep me motivated to continue.  I’ve read Weeding Out Wheat’ a number of times now, and continue to glean plenty from Luke and Trisha’s insight.  I’m finding it’s helping hugely in the transition.


Although the improvements are ever so slight, I appear to be absorbing more minerals and nutrients than I was previously.  Here’s how I know:

  • My dry skin has improved.
  • A little curl has returned to my hair (it went straight after a couple of years overseas, which included a stint eating the standard American diet over a decade ago).
  • My digestive health has definitely improved.
  • My foggy head has mostly cleared (the rest of the foggy head is just plain Mummy tiredness)
  • I even appear to be having more rested sleep.  That was something a little unexpected, but a very welcome change!

I’ve has some issues with my teeth in the last couple of years, which from extensive reading, I’ve attributed to a number of interlocking factors: compromised gut health, significant drain on the nutrients in my body (5 years of straight pregnancy and breastfeeding, and still counting), and the subsequent demineralisation of my teeth. 

Although I haven’t reversed the tooth decay yet, I appear to have at least stopped it from spreading any further.   My holistic dentist has said previously I have very good oral hygiene, no plaque, but very acidic saliva. I’ve been putting organic, high nutrient-dense foods into my body for years, including fresh green juice, and finally it’s starting to get where it needs to.

Acid/Alkaline Balance

I’ve been testing the ph of my saliva for about a year, in an attempt to monitor the acid/alkaline balance, and have consistently been getting a more acidic result than what I would like**.  After just a couple of weeks of dropping wheat, my saliva was showing a neutral ph.  Very encouraging!

Let me attempt to explain what I believe the connection to be.  (I realise not everyone in the health and wellness field agrees on this area, but I can only speak out of my own experience thus far).

The main causes of a high acidic ph test result are: too much acid-forming food (eg. meat, sugar, alcohol, coffee, grains), too much phosphorus and too little calcium, long periods of stress, and some medications (one of my sources here).

Many experts recommend maintaining a balance of 20% acidic foods to 80% alkaline foods.  This is a good starting place if you’re looking to improve your health and don’t know where to start.  There are many lists online that will help you in determining which side the different foods fall.

I’ve also read in places of the need to obtain twice as much calcium to phosphorus for optimal health.  If you’re not eating organic food, you are likely getting significantly more phosphorus due to the use of superphosphate fertiliser on crops.  Phosphorus is an acidic mineral, while calcium is a mineral that neutralises acid.

So What’s All This Got To Do With Wheat?

Weeding Out Wheat explains the anti-nutrients in wheat (gluten, lectins, and phytates) disrupt and interfere with my body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

It is suggested that some doctors and researchers suspect everyone suffers from at least a small degree of gluten sensitivity.

Why is gluten a problem for most (or all) people? Gluten is made up of two proteins: gliadin and glutenin. In everyone, gliadin causes zonulin to be released in the body. Zonulin regulates how permeable our intestinal wall is—how much liquid or gas will be able to pass through it. The more zonulin present, the more permeable your intestinal wall becomes. The more permeable your intestines are, the more partially digested food (i.e. poop) can enter in your blood stream. (Weeding Out Wheat, Gilkerson, p30)

There’s also more in this section in the book on the science behind why gluten, lectins and phytates might be a problem (more than I can cover here).  But here’s the part that did it for me:

One of the key take-away points in all of this is that grains are highly associated with leaky gut. When your gut isn’t healthy you can’t absorb nutrients so you become malnourished and more prone to disease. (Ibid. p31)

So from what I understand, despite the high nutrient diet I’ve been putting into my body, without the ability to successfully absorb these nutrients, I haven’t been reaping the benefit from all these nutrients entering my body at the very time in my life (ie. motherhood) where I need them more than ever!

So I think it’s time to change what I’m doing, as clearly what I’ve been doing these last few years hasn’t been enough.  I know that my body is crying out for more calcium particularly and other essential minerals, so giving up wheat to assist with healing my gut health is going to be key.

Stay Tuned

I’ll continue writing on this topic in future and will cover what foods I’m focusing on increasing and decreasing (beside obviously ditching wheat).  There’s a few other things involved, including optimising my Vitamin D levels, and supplementing in a few specific areas.  I’ll also let you know how I’m transitioning my family’s diet.

I hope you’ll take an intentional look at this area of your health too.  Please feel free to comment on where you’re up to in managing your family’s diet and health.

The Book – “Weeding Out Wheat”

Can I encourage you to take advantage of the official launch of Luke and Trisha’s excellent book ‘Weeding Out Wheat’ from 30 Dec to 1 Jan?

The kindle version is only $1.99 (usually $9.95)WOW 3 day saleThe print version is only $9.95 (usually $14.95)

WOW Buy the Book

Luke and Trisha are also hosting a giveaway that will be live on December 31st.   Make sure you head over there on Tuesday 31st and enter! {Giveaway has ended}

[** The terms ‘acid and alkaline’ in relation to food, refers to the whether a food produces an acid or alkaline residue after it has been metabolised or broken down.
For more information on the acid/alkaline connection to disease, read this article].
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Healthy Child Summit – FREE Online Conference

healthy child summit collage

The Healthy Child Summit is a FREE online conference, coming in February 2014, for educating, empowering, and inspiring parents to care for their families naturally. I wrote on this last month, when the 5 weeks of giveaways and ‘sneak preview’ began.

There will be over 50 natural health and wellness experts that will speak on a range of topics, designed to help you and I become better equipped for raising our families naturally.  There will be something for those just getting started, or for those a little further along on their journey into natural living and parenting.

I’m really looking forward to this!

Here are just a few things that will be covered:

  • Preparing your body for pregnancy.
  • Preparing for a natural birth.
  • Whole family natural health and wellness.
  • Childhood illnesses, and preparing a natural medicine cabinet.
  • Breastfeeding, weaning, and starting solids.
  • Ridding your home of environmental toxins.
  • Gentle sleep solutions.
  • Supporting your child through specific issues, such as autism, adrenal fatigue, sensory processing disorders, and others.
  • Food choices and hormones through the teenage years.
  • Real food, nutrition, oral health… and so much more

This is your last chance to register for free access to 22 audio recordings, and enter the giveaways for the grand prize and the week 4 giveaways.

Healthy child summit giveaway

See some of you there!


Summer natural  background with sun and lens flare.

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Food Matters FREE Online Screening

Food Matters online screeningI’m so excited to share this with you!  Food Matters are having a FREE online worldwide screening of their documentary from 1st -10th December. 

I highly recommend this film for its solid insight, both scientific and anecdotal, into so many aspects related to health and lifestyle .  The Food Matters Community is also a wealth of information in all things health, including detoxing, cancer and heart health, nutrition, weight loss, recipes, articles and much more.

This film was pivotal in my transition into greater health.  I still recommend this to every person that asks me where to start.

Learn these, and so much more:

  • How to use food as medicine
  • The best ways to detox and lose weight
  • Foods that fight anxiety and depression
  • How to eat for optimal health

So if you haven’t already watched it, I encourage you to take the opportunity this week, and pass on the link to your friends and family too.

Tell me what you think when you’ve watched it!


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Healthy Child Summit – A Sneak Peak and Giveaway

healthy child summit headerThe Healthy Child Summit is a FREE online conference for educating, empowering, and inspiring parents to care for their families naturally. The conference is coming in February 2014.

Honestly, it’s going to be amazing.  I can’t list everything here that’s going to be covered as there’s so much, but here’s a few things that have caught my eye:

  • Preparing your body for pregnancy
  • Preparing for a natural birth
  • Whole family natural health and wellness
  • Childhood illnesses, and preparing a natural medicine cabinet
  • Breastfeeding, weaning, and starting solids
  • Gentle sleep solutions
  • Real food, nutrition, oral health… and so much more

Register HERE to receive free access to 22 audio recordings during the Healthy Child Summit sneak preview November 18th – December 20th, 2013.

To spread the word about this upcoming conference, there’s a giveaway running for 5 weeks starting TODAY and ending just before Christmas.

Here are the dates on the grand prize and weekly giveaways below – make sure you enter!  I’ll add weeks 2, 3 and 4 to this post as we roll into those weeks so be sure to check back here to enter.

Don’t forget to head over and register for access to the 22 audio recordings preview.

Summer natural  background with sun and lens flare.

Healthy Child Summit Giveaway

To celebrate the Sneak Preview of the Healthy Child Summit, there will be 5 weeks worth of giveaways!

  • The Grand Prize giveaway opens today and closes December 23rd at 11:59pm PST. ENTER HERE
  • Week #1 Giveaway opens today and closes November 25th at 11:59pm PST. ENTER HERE – Closed
  • Week #2 Giveaway opens December 2nd and closes on December 9th at 11:59pm PST. ENTER HERE – Closed
  • Week #3 Giveaway opens December 9th and closes on December 16th at 11:59pm PST. ENTER HERE – Closed
  • Week #4 Giveaway opens December 16th and closes on December 23rd at 11:59pm PST. ENTER HERE

Healthy child summit {Shared at Intoxicated on Life Wellness Wednesday}

My Favourite Supplements

my fav supplements pin 1

I’m always after the best supplements I can find and after years of trying different things, I think I’ve more or less settled on a regimen that suits my particular needs.  There are others I’d like to get too, for extra support in some specific areas, but for now they fall below the line. 🙂

I prefer to stay away from standard vitamins that are full of synthetic ingredients that are not well-absorbed, and have other things in them such as soy, corn and various preservatives.  From what I understand, synthetic Vitamin C for instance is only 30% absorbed by the body and is derived from corn (ascorbic acid).

There are a number of great brands around these days that use whole food sources and although more expensive at face value, are a much better option than the alternative cheaper varieties that aren’t well absorbed and may well do more harm than good.

I find supplementing my already healthy organic diet is necessary at this stage in my life as food alone is not giving me adequate nutrition for my energy needs.  Part of this is due to an existing nutritional deficit that I’ve yet to get on top of, and partly due to my food, even organic food, that no longer contains the level of nutrients sufficient for optimal health.  We have a long term plan to develop extensive gardens with soil health that is out of this world, but that is a while away!

In the meantime, here’s what I consider a basic daily regimen (in order of priority):

Cod Liver Oil

My fav supplements CLOCod liver oil is brilliant for two reasons: it has high amounts of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and it is high in fat-soluble Vitamins A and D.

Our modern diet already has an over-adundance of Omega-6 fatty acids, and cod liver oil (depending on the brand) will have a better ratio of Omega 3s and 6s.

I have read about the strong benefits of cod liver oil in connection with fertility, teeth health, bone health, cancer prevention, hair and nail heath, brain and nervous system development, and many others.  I thoroughly recommend Weston A Price Foundation website for many articles on the benefits and background, including one on Vitamin A toxicity which is a necessary read.

The only brand I use is Green Pastures as, to my knowledge, they are the only fermented cod liver oil available in the world.  I prefer to take it in a gel, but there are also capsules for those that can’t stomach the taste.

Recommended doses (according to the Weston A Price Foundation website):

  • Children age 3 months to 12 years: 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5 ml, providing 4650 IU vitamin A and 975 IU vitamin D.
  • Children over 12 years and adults: 1 teaspoon or 10 capsules, providing 9500 IU vitamin A and 1950 IU vitamin D.
  • Pregnant and nursing women: 2 teaspoon or 20 capsules, providing 19,000 IU vitamin A and 3900 IU vitamin D. (note: the Vitamin A is not synthetic and therefore not toxic to a developing baby. (See this article for more information).

Where to purchase: Nature Foods NZ and Green Pastures US


My fav supplements raw Vit CGarden of Life has a vast array of raw organic supplements, including their multi-vitamins.  The Maker’s Diet was the first book I read almost a decade ago on real food and healing diets, and I have great confidence in Jordan Rubin’s unique product range.

The Vitamin Code Vitamins were developed to provide supplemental nutrition as close as supplementation can get to actual raw, unadulterated and untreated food.  They contain no binders or fillers, and they are gluten-and dairy-free with no soy allergens.

I purchase from Health Food Emporium who offer great discounts on the full range of Garden of Life supplements.

If a multi-vitamin isn’t an option for you at present, you might like to consider increasing highly dense nutritious foods into your daily diet, such as chia seeds,  goji berries, blueberries, kale, bee pollen, flax seeds, sea vegetables, and cacao.

Update: I’ve started using Dr Mercola’s Whole Food Multivitamin Plus, which I purchase from i-herb (use this referral code to save on your first order).  I’m finding it is an economical way of getting all the essentials into my diet via a high quality multi.

Vitamin C

My fav supplements VitCAs I’ve already said, I’ve come to prefer Vitamins that come from whole, natural sources.  Vitamin C is one that I’ve discovered I simply need more of than the recommended daily amount.  Supplementing is therefore essential.

For Vitamin C, this is a product that I’ve found to be superior to the synthetic alternatives, called Quantum Vitamin C complex.  We also use the Garden of Life Raw Vitamin C.

Camucamu powder is also a good supplement that is rich in natural Vitamin C and can be added to smoothies.

Vitamin C is one that you have to work out what level to take that is specific to you, as we all have different stresses (stress will use up the Vitamin C in your body) and diets that determine our individual daily amount.  The way to determine your level is quite simply to take enough to bowel tolerance, and when you reach that point you drop back the amount you are taking.

In times of illness, and for short periods, we have use Lypospheric Vitamin C (which is in a 99% bioavailable form) as an extra boost to bringing back to full health.  During sickness, your body will need more Vitamin C than the usual maintenance dose.

Superfood Green Powder

my fav supplements 1There are two kinds of green powders – those that have been cut, dried and ground into powder.  And those that have been cut, cold pressed, and low temperature dried.  The juiced powder is much more nutrient dense

The one we use is Garden of Life Perfect Food.  I also recommend the Food Matters Superfood Greens which is new to the market.

As well as taking green superfood powder, we also try to juice daily.

If you can’t stretch to a juiced green powder, you could grow your own wheatgrass in a tray (which is cheap and easy) and also make sure you are eating your own sprouts and microgreens.


You should be taking this if you are not eating adequate amounts of fermented vegetables, homemade kefir and yoghurt.  I’m not currently taking a probiotic as I eat plenty of these foods.

I recommend Lifestream Advanced Probiotic (which is the name of BioKult formulation in NZ).  I also recommend Garden of Life’s Primal Defense.

The GAPS Diet book is a great read on the health of your gut, even if you choose not to do the diet.  I’ve also found the articles on Body Ecology Diet website really helpful.

This article at Food Matters, “6 Healing Benefits of Probiotics”, is a great read also.

 (Recommended resources: GAPS Diet book, Cure Tooth Decay book, Weston A Price Foundation website)
Please read my health disclaimer.  This post may contain affiliate links.

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Harvest Your Health – 2 Days To Go And A Giveaway!

harvest post 2

I wanted to remind you about this fantastic opportunity to purchase these resources at 97% – just two days left!  And also to let you know that “Harvest Your Health” is now running a giveaway as well.

Make sure you enter for your chance to win one of 57+ prizes, including 10 $50 Amazon Gift Cards, an Apple i-pad mini, 4 Hamilton Beach personal blenders, other gift cards, and another 12 cookbooks (including one on Paleo eating by Elana’s pantry who is fantastic).

Read through the list of resources that you can purchase for only $37 (97% off the usual value), either on my last post or on the Harvest Your Health website.

Have a great weekend!