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  1. Cheri Birdi

    Back to Eden gardening changed my gardening life too! I just loved the film and recommend it to anyone that will listen.
    The funny thing is, for years before I saw the film I couldn’t till my garden due to physical limitations. I was a little concerned about it but for some reason (God! Lol) I had a peace about not being able to til and didn’t worry. My garden also did better even though I didn’t yet understand why.
    Now that’s even funnier because I grew up on an 8acre farm, bought a home just down the street, and finally had the incredible privilege of a life-long desire to glean from my nearly 100 year old grandfather who grew the most gigantic and delicious vegetables on Cape Cod! And guess what he did? Tilled every year.
    So being at peace about not tilling, then finding out I was doing the better thing from watching the Back to Eden film was an incredible moment.
    Ever since then I’ve also studies Companion Gardening and it WORKS!! And is fun too!
    This is my fifth year of totally organic gardening and I’m amazed at how the natural balance of things is coming back around! I’m also amazed that organic gardening and Back to Eden is so much more than not using bug sprays but a plethora of ideas and creativity that continues to bless and bless again.
    This year has been my best! I still have about 10, 6-7 foot varying tomato plants that are producing GOBS of luscious tomatoes! One variety is called Black Tomatoes! I thought they’d be weird looking and a turn off to others who may eat them but on the contrary! They are the most delicious and tender tomato I’ve ever tasted and they are my families absolute favorite!!
    I also grew full, long, bursting ears of corn with not a bug or worm in sight just by clamping the tips if them with clothes pins!
    We are still enjoying loads of herbs, lettuce, yellow zucchini (also incredible!) beets, Brussels sprouts, peppers and more! But we just picked our last cucumber. 🙁
    If you’re a gardener and you are really into my post, please take note that Blue Potatoes were the easiest variety to grow! I’ve always wanted to grow them and this year happened to see some sets at a local feed store so I tried them. They grew the fastest, got the biggest, and taste AMAMZING!! The best was shredding them into hash browns (which my son so brilliantly called “HashBlues” and fried them in grape seed oil. So incredible!!! Crunchy and packed with flavor as blue potatoes are so famous for!!
    In a few weeks I will be harvesting my gold potatoes and sweet potatoes. I’m hoping the sweet potatoes won’t have little holes in them like a sample check showed a few weeks ago. With the help of a genius gardener at my local garden place, we studied a method I am trying to deal with a certain worm I have because I planted in an area that had been grassed over for a few years and this is where they usually live. I’m praying this method will work and the sweet potatoes will have enough time to heal over should they have been bothered by these pests.
    Well, as you can see, I can go on forever about gardening and just about did!! I hope that’s ok. And most of all I hope I’ve helped someone out there enjoy the miracles of growing your own healthy and delicious food just a little bit more.
    God bless,

    1. Victoria Post author

      Hi Cheri, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your journey. We hope to expand our Back to Eden garden when we move, as our little piece of land is maxed out with what we can do. It’s been a few years now, and it’s still working just fine. Even when we don’t tend to things as much as we should, we don’t have to catch up much as things largely take care of themselves. Thanks for sharing, and all the best with your gardening. from Victoria


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