Natural Living Guide

natural living guide

The following is a list of websites and books that I have found useful in my pursuit of responsible living and fullness of health for our family.  I believe this is found in seeking out answers with honesty, willingness, intentionality, and adjusting the ‘twigs in our nests’ one step at a time.

The Holy Spirit is our Guide in all things, not just spiritual but also for living in a way that is prosperous and purposeful.  He knitted us together and created our innermost being – it just makes sense to seek our Creator’s blueprint as we try to responsibly steward what we have in our ‘baskets’ with care, generosity and purpose.


On the diet front, I don’t believe in a one-size fits all diet or approach – our occupations vary, our climates impact our diet and health, our individual health needs are different, our local food availability varies, and so forth.   The world we live in is constantly changing also.  Sometimes it might even mean what worked last year could need to be adjusted this year.

For some of us, changing our lifestyle may be a complete undoing of the only way we have ever known, as well as it being the opposite of the way that mainstream culture flows.  Simple steps can help to keep it things sustainable and stress-free.

It’s my hope that you don’t feel like it’s all too hard but that you can see some steps you can take that will set your family on a course that will affect your health for years to come.

I hope you find some useful information here as you seek to bring vibrant health and joy into your home.


Nutrition and Eating

  • General

Food Matters – initially Food Matters was a documentary on how to overcome illness naturally, but now it’s much more than this – their website is filled with resources on health and wellness.  The recipe book is a great starting point for learning some simple and nutritious eating.  They’ve also recently launched a product range of superfood green powder and protein powder.

Hungry For Change – a documentary about weigh loss and living in vibrant health (by the Food Matters team).

Credence – a number of publications that uncover the most effective treatments and strategies for overcoming illness including cancer and heart disease.  I wholeheartedly recommend Phillip Day’s books.

Eating Organic Food on a Budget

  • Cook Books and Food Blogs

There are so many I could list here, but here are the books that I either own/have read, and the websites that I refer to often.

Nourished and Nurtured – great blog with heaps of grain-free recipes

The Healthy Home Economist – inspired by Weston A Price way of eating.

Nourishing Days – real food blog with recipes

The Mommypotomus – intelligent and natural living

The Nourishing Gourmet – real food living and recipes

The Well Fed Homestead – real food, recipes, and homemaking articles.

Gnowfglins E-course – preparing food the traditional way

  • Real Food Diets

Common sense approaches to eating:

Weston A Price Foundation – The Foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism.

Body Ecology Diet – digestive health diet

GAPS Diet and Gut and Psychology Syndrome – a diet to heal and seal the gut

Here are some posts I’ve written on the GAPS Diet.


Natural Healing and General Health

  • General

Doctor Yourself  – Dr Andrew Saul’s website (featured in Food Matters) with suggested treatments for a range of ailments – Touted as the number one health newsletter on the internet.  Dr Mercola’s site has a wealth of information on virtually every health topic you can think of. – up-to-date information on the latest issues in health.

Here’s a General Guide to Managing Illness that I’ve written with some ideas you might like to consider.

  • Vaccination

Beyond Conformity – Hilary Butler’s website, and also accompanying forum on vaccination and all things related to general health and natural living.

IAS (NZ) – Immunisation Awareness society – links to both pro-vaccination and pro-informed choice sites, plus helpful information on the individual vaccines.

“What’s in that vaccine”? – short and informative article (Organic NZ Magazine) on what’s in our vaccines in New Zealand. (NB. Clicking on this link may re-direct you to the magazine’s homepage, but you can search under articles to find it)

Here is one interesting view from a well informed parent (and qualified herbalist) who doesn’t necessarily sit firmly in either camp when it comes to vaccination.  Although I personally differ on some points, I appreciate her perspective and well-studied approach.


Responsible Living

Environmental Working Group  – a non-profit group that provides information on a vast number of products amongst other things. A must-see site for making informed choices based on unbiased science.

How to make your own household cleaning products (I haven’t done all these myself yet but it’s on the agenda):

‘Organic Gardening page on Facebook for heaps of great tips and information

Back to Eden Film is a must-watch free online film on building a no-dig garden.  I’ve also written a couple of posts on it:

‘Homesteading/Survivalism’ page on Facebook for heaps of fun ideas for recycling and building a home

Dave Ramsay – Sound financial stewardship principles (you may also like to subscribe to his free radio show on i-tunes – we got so much out of this a few years back, as it helped entrench the information in his book into our heads!)


Babies and Children

Introducing Solids – here’s a post I wrote that may be of some help to you.  Weston A Price Foundation has a good article, as does Natasha Campbell-McBride in a chapter in her GAPS book.

Building a Health File – for us, part of living responsibly and naturally means establishing a health plan for when those illnesses do come into our family.  Having a written plan makes it easier to make decisions when the need arises.  I have a collection of various books, websites and print-outs that I keep to refer to if ever the need arises.  I’ll post something on my blog in the near future!

Attachment parenting – an article by Dr Sear’s on what attachment parenting is.  An another one on what it isn’t.

Leaning Towards Weaning – a post I’ve written on weaning my toddler.

Homes Remedies – a post I’ve written on what we have in our ‘top shelf’ cupboard.


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