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Here are some resources that have added strength and knowledge to our family, as we try and live in a responsible and purposeful way.  We can learn much from each other if we remain teachable in our attitude, and honouring of one another’s journeys.

I’ll continue to add other titles here so keep checking in.


There are literally dozens of books and resources I could add in this section.  For now, here’s just a couple.

  • The Bible

I realise I’m stating the obvious, and of course the Bible is due more than just a place on a list.  But it needs to be mentioned before I list any other resource for living in purpose and fullness.  The Bible is our Father’s gift to us, the redemptive story of Him reaching out to His beloved, and more than just a guidance/how-to book for life.  It’s a river to bathe in; it’s a journey and a song; it’s a place of strength and safety, joy and freedom, and hope and love.

  • The Jesus StoryBook Bible

Written for children I know, but it has totally touched my heart and given us wonderful times of reading and sharing together.  I love the gentle narrative of the story of Jesus for a child-like heart – “every story whispers his name” – yes it does.


  • Loving your Kids on Purpose – Danny Silk

Danny’s teaching is currently revolutionising my thinking on parenting.  It’s been a while since I’ve read this particular book (if only I could remember who I’ve lent it to!).  But in a nutshell, it emphasises maintaining connection with your children, teaching your children about freedom and personal responsibility, and moving from a place of parenting through control.  Danny’s DVD series of the same name is on my birthday wishlist.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying whatever I can listen in to of his on YouTube, BethelTV and i-tunes.


  • A number of titles/audios from Credence:

Phillip Day is my favourite author on the subject of nutrition and lifestyle.  He’s an investigative journalist who has waded through the mega-loads of information on health, to provide readers with the best of the scientific breakthroughs in health and, really, just plain old common sense.

Here are the ones we have at the moment, with hopefully some more to come in future.

  • Cancer – Why we’re still dying to know the truth – Phillip Day
  • Simple Changes – Phillip Day
  • Digestive Health – Phillip Day
  • Essential Guide to Vitamin C – Phillip Day
  • Essential Guide to Vitamin D – Phillip Day
  • Healing in the Home – 2 audio CDs – Phillip Day
  • Cancer – the latest breakthroughs – audio CD – Phillip Day
  • Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon

This is an invaluable resource in the basics of cultured dairy and vegetables, soaking nuts and grains, sprouted grains, amongst other things, and also a comprehensive resource book on many subjects related to modern food and the correct preparation of healthy food. Even if you’re a vegetarian or have other special dietary needs, there is much you can learn from this.

  • The Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook

I picked up some basic ideas for preparing food for my babies, as they were transitioning from fruit and vegetable only purees into bigger kid food.  The only thing I’ve changed from using this book, is that I use raw milk in the place of soy milk, and am not against a little natural salt for older babies.  There are some great ideas for putting together your plan for introducing solids to your child.

  • Juice! – Pippa Cuthbert, Lindsay Cameron Wilson

A helpful book which contains over 110 juice recipes.  It also contains helpful information about the nutritional benefits of the different fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.  There are ways to make juice taste really good or really not so good!  So getting hold of some recipes until you’ve mastered it is a great idea.

  • Food Matters DVD

Food Matters is my most favourite DVD on the subject of health.  When people ask me where to start, this is the most obvious place.  It’s the most balanced and achievable approach to health we’ve come across.  My favourite experts featured are Phillip Day (, Andrew Saul (, Charlotte Gerson (in amazing health at age 90) and David Wolfe.  These guys have literally blown me away with their insight.

  • Food Inc DVD

A sobering look at the food industry in the US.  If you need any motivation to switch to grass-fed meat, then get hold of a copy!
There are a number of films being released at the moment, as the food industry is becoming increasingly in the spotlight for the contribution it has brought to modern health and nutrition.  Have fun finding them online – many of them are free or can be rented on i-tunes.

  • Essential Cuisine DVDs

6 DVDs on preparing the best raw, fermented and cooked foods.  Chef Susan Teton Campbell’s passion for nourishing food is contagious.  Susan combines all the things that this Mumma here needs to prepare healthy food for our family – economical, easy, and sustainable.

  • Healthy Healing – 12th Edition – Linda Page

This is probably my most referred to source when it comes to searching for answers for any particular health challenge.  It has a large section in the beginning on detoxification, healthy foods choices, children’s health, and much more.  The majority of the manual is hundreds of charts with healing recommendations for different ailments.  Although some of the suggestions are US products, it is still well worth having on your book shelf for the other suggestions if you are outside the US as it is very comprehensive.  There is the odd thing that will have to pass through your ‘filters’ if you are of a different worldview (eg. some new age therapies).  I personally by-pass the suggestions to use yoga as relaxation for instance.

In the back sections, you can also look up different remedies and procedures alphabetically.

  • Your Vital Child- A Natural healing Guide for Caring Parents – Stengler and Stengler

A book I sometimes refer to on remedies for different childhood illnesses and ailments, which has an emphasis on sound nutrition and environment.  We haven’t had to use this much, as the children hardly ever get sick (besides the odd sniffle). But at least if they ever do, then I know I’ll have the information I need at my immediate disposal.

  • The Maker’s Diet – Jordan Rubin

This was the first book I ever read on the subject on what I’d call common sense health and living in wellness.    It covers the journey of the author from an incurable disease to complete wellness.


  • Educating the Wholehearted Child – Clay and Sally Clarkson

No matter what you’re reasons for homeschooling, this is an incredibly helpful resource in creating an environment of learning if your home that is balanced and enjoyable.  As well as having a great write-up of different methods and approaches, it’s also full of quotes, guidance on discipleship, recommended reading, and ideas for organising the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it all (eg. setting up your library and resources).  I cannot recommend this book enough.

  • The Ministry of Motherhood – Sally Clarkson

Currently on my nightstand and partly read, Sally’s devotional book for Mums is incredibly refreshing, as she recounts some of the triumphs and struggles they had during their homeschooling years.  It’s always good to be reminded to keep the ‘main thing’ in mind, in the midst of the more difficult periods of schooling/parenting.

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    1. Victoria Post author

      They are all pretty good! ‘Health Wars’ is good, because it covers a broader range of topics. But ‘Cancer – why we’re still dying to know the truth’ is also very good. He’s done a couple of smaller ones, ‘Vitamin D’ and ‘Digestive Health’, which are both good too. But I’d probably start with ‘Health Wars’ if you’re just wanting a general overview of all topics related to good health. The ABCs of Disease is another good one, and recently updated. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to post some links to free doco’s online that I’ve enjoying on health related topics including cancer and disease. So keep a look out in your inbox! Bless you Em, from Vic


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