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Here is a list of all my recipes.  I hope you find some ideas here which you can make yourself and that also inspires you to creativity and health in your own kitchen.  We eat fairly simply, using the best whole and organic ingredients I can find on our budget.

We mostly eat a traditional diet, with a lot of raw and fresh ingredients, and are moving towards going completely grain-free.  I’m also realistic and try to find some balance to suit our young family, our budget, our health needs and what organic food we can get hold of.

NB. Any recipes below that are GAPS-friendly are marked with ** (but look in the recipe for specific notes)

Unless specified in the recipe, these are my own creations.  If you’d like to post elsewhere, I’d appreciate you linking folks back to my blog.  Thanks and enjoy!


Apple-Nut Breakfast  **
Berry Breakfast Delight **
Buckwheat Pancakes
Grain-free Museli **
Raw Buckwheat Granola
Slow Cooker Apples**
Stewed Apples **

Mains & Sides

Apple-Beetroot Salad **
Beef and Pumpkin Bake **
Quinoa with Roast Veges
Potatoes with kelp
Kale Chips **
Vegetable Tagine

Juices & Beverages

Homemade Coconut Milk **
Chocolate Milkshake **


Coconut Cacao Cake **
Coconut Banana Bread

Desserts & Treats

Caramelised Bananas **
Fruit and Nut Balls
Nut-Berry Cream **
Raw Chocolate Mousse **
Raw Christmas Truffles
Raw Superfood Bars

Raw Strawberry Pie **

Basics & Extras

Beef Stock **
Buckwheat Sprouts

Chicken Stock **
Fast Hummus
Sauerkraut **
Seed Powders **
Yoghurt **

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