Book List for Girls

Book List for Girls

Here is a list of books we have read/plan to read in our family.

We love books that fit this Charlotte Mason-inspired definition: those which have worthy thoughts, inspiring tales, inspiring ideas or pictures of life, and with fit and beautiful expression.

The ones that made it on the list for girls are simply ones with themes and/or main characters that girls are likely to be drawn to.  There are many titles here that both girls and boys will enjoy.  In fact, some of them I simply couldn’t decide where they best fit, so I’ve put them on the lists for both boys and girls.

I’ll add to this list regularly as we continue to comb through the books at our local library and find others that we enjoy as much.  I’ve also yet to add many that are suitable for ages 11+, as we’re not quite there yet!

Some of the titles for ages 11+ may be suitable from about age 9, but may contain more mature themes.  I have erred on the conservative side and included these in the older category.

I hope you are encouraged to read some of these fantastic titles with your child and/or add to your home library for them to pick up themselves, and in doing so expose your children to some well-written, wholesome books that will inspire them and stir their imaginations.

Early Readers (approx 4-7):

Intermediate readers (approx 8-11):

Advanced readers (12+):

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8 thoughts on “Book List for Girls

    1. kate

      Not hard for me! My mom has to pull me away from books instead of forcing me to read. No book is to big or difficult to make me want to read it.

      Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I will fear no evil.

  1. kate

    Neat! Although, Nancy Drew, Little House On the Prairie and many others should belong in the 8 -11 section instead of advanced 12+. It may just be me, but i was 7-8 years old when I read them and I believe that they a too easy for most kids above 9 or 11.

    1. Victoria Post author

      You’re probably right! I have one child that was reading the Little House series herself at 8 years old easily, and another now that won’t be reading them until she’s at least in middle school. It was probably more the maturity of content rather than the ease of readability as to why I put them in the older section. But I will certainly go back and look at this again, now that I have an older child and I can better gauge where the different titles belong. Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your recommendation. I appreciate it.
      ~ Victoria


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