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I love to research health and nutrition, and have done so for the benefit of my own family for a number of years.  But I’m not licensed as a nutritionist, doctor or any other kind of professional medical or health practitioner and I cannot be held responsible for any action you take in the area of your health should you choose to take on any course as a result from reading my blog.  What I have written may or may not be the right way forward for you.  I hope that my research and experience can encourage you on the journey of becoming informed yourself and to seek out the right kind of advice that will help you and your family live in abundant health and wellness.

It seems out there in blog world that sometimes people want to know if I earn anything from any of the recommendations I make for various products and resources we use.  Everything I recommend is because we have used it or owned it and given it the thumbs-up (or else I’ll tell you if I haven’t used it). 

I have affiliate links to some different places that we purchase resources from ourselves. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use my links, but I do earn a small percentage of the sale.

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