A ‘Little House’ List of Resources for Your Homeschool

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The Little House series take us on a journey of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her pioneering family: from Wisconsin in 1870 to South Dakota, through good times and difficult times, and show us a family that lived through a time of rapid change in American life – from the rural and agricultural self sufficient way, to the industrial urban life.

The family lived off the land, hunted, made cheese and butter, maple sugar, collected honey, and also enjoyed the simple things in life, like attending church, dancing, family times together, and singing. Everything was used for some purpose, and the detailed descriptions in this series show us how important each object was in its use. We also read of the values by which one family lived – honour, purpose, generosity, faithful endurance, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, simplicity, thankfulness, patience, and more.

We all love these books for so many reasons, and they are wonderful to read aloud with our children, as well as providing many learning opportunities.

I’ve put together a list of resources, most of which are free, that will give you plenty of learning opportunities for your homeschool

Lapbooks and Unit Studies

Follow the pioneering life of Laura Ingalls in her autobiography, and get a fuller picture into her life.

Activities and Projects

A one-hour documentary into the legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Virtual Tour 

Read Laura’s journal entries and letters from three of her most memorable journeys.

Family Tree and Historical Records


Make sure you visit my Little House Pinterest Board for more ideas, history, and fun things to make.

Hope that helps get you started on your Little House learning! Please feel free to comment below with some of the things you have done in your homeschool to bring the ‘Little House’ series alive.

~ Victoria

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