An Update from Us


After taking almost 2 years off writing here regularly, I finally feel like I’m in a good rhythm to dip my feet back into the blogging world again. I needed time to refuel, refocus, get our homeschool rhythm to a sustainable place, and also just more time with the Lord and with my family.

I have plenty that I’m looking forward to sharing with you, some of which I trust will benefit your families, particularly in the area of wellness: I’ve learned much in the past year or so about reducing the ‘rush’, balancing hormones including adrenal health, inflammation, the many factors (besides calories) involved in weight management, fasting, and dietary changes. I also feel like we’re in a much better place with a sustainable homeschool rhythm, and I’m also looking forward to passing on some faith-based insights from my ‘sabbatical’.

Our children are doing well, and we’re enjoying how each of their unique and wonderful personalities are growing and emerging. They are all so different! We are not creating mini versions of ourselves, but hope to foster their precious hearts into them becoming all the Lord intends for them to be.

We’ve also joined a community of believers that has been a huge blessings to our lives, and feel like after the longest time, we have finally found our ‘fit’.

As for this place here, I plan on writing about once a month, unless there’s something I desperately want to share with you (like this week there’s a huge sale on homeschool resources I’ll tell you about – check your inbox!).

I’ve done some updating around the place, still a bit more to do, but in the interests of ‘balance’ I’ll chip away at it a little at a time!  When you have a moment, have a look at the ‘Homeschool’ drop-down menu above where I’ve updated most of the curriculum that we use for each level (Pre-K-5th Grade). I should have this finished later this week. I still get questions about what we use, so I hope this is a convenient way of seeing this in one place.

Thanks for your continued support. If you find something has helped you here, please leave me a comment. It’s encouraging to my heart!



8 thoughts on “An Update from Us

  1. Candace

    I’m so glad you’re returning to the blogging world, Victoria! I really appreciate your voice, your balanced approach, and your godly witness. I look forward to reading all about what you’ve learned. I love that you took a sabbatical of sorts. Every new stage in family life seems to take time to adjust to. I am thankful for the wisdom you’re giving me today: to take the time I need to find those rhythms and balance in a healthy way.

    1. Victoria Post author

      You are a blessing to me Candace, thank you! A great book I’ve recently read is ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ by Dr Libby Weaver. Superb wisdom for us Moms that try and do everything! Blessings, Victoria

  2. Ellie

    So nice to have you back, Man how the years have flown by haven’t they?!! Two years ago we were in Arizona gazing at a hill that looked like yours in NZ. Now my hubby is out of the golf industry and pastoring at a loving caring church in NE Ohio. I am writing and ministering more than ever and need a vacation! In fact must look over my women’s Bible study for tomorrow but wanted you to know that you were missed. I receive your emails in my inbox and look forward to staying in touch. Blessings to you and yours, (you look great!)

    1. Victoria Post author

      Ellie thank you! I have still been reading you as well. Yes, take a vacation if you can! We have to remember to take care of ourselves. Blessings xx


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