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Books books books

Hi Friends!

I have a stack of glorious reading for the summer here DownUnder and I’d love to share these with you.  Many of these are Christian titles, as I’m simply at a place right now where I’m wanting to feed my soul. 🙂 And the rest are history titles, my other great love when it comes to reading.

Multi award-winning historical fiction, The Chronicles of Iona is set in 563 AD and is the story of the two men who laid the foundations of the Scottish nation, an Irish monk, Saint Columba, and a Scottish warlord, Aedan mac Gabran.  Aedan is my direct ancestor, and I absolutely love this period of history.  What’s not to love?

Technically this is a homeschool title for my Fourth Grader, but no harm will be done if I read it too! This one takes a look at English history from  55 BC to 1611 (the year the King James bible was published) and how our language developed.

Hannah is said to have earned three reputations in her life: that of a playwright, a writer on moral and religious subjects, and a practical philanthropist.  She is said to have affected every level of 18th century British society.  I love a good inspirational biography.

A stunning introduction to this medieval book, with beautiful full colour pictures.  I bought this partly to accompany our homeschool medieval studies next year, but also because I love Celtic history!

It seems fitting to re-visit this treasure, and actually finish it this time, with the 200th anniversary of when Samuel Marsden first preached the gospel on Christmas Day 1814.  Keith has done a fantastic job of telling the story of our early history in this young nation of New Zealand.

Most know of William Wilberforce, the 19th century politician famous for the abolition of slavery. But few know of the other members of the group, known to us now as the Clapham Sect.  Hannah More was also part of this group, and others including the Reverend John Venn.  The Clapham Sect not only sought to abolish slavery but are also responsible for other endeavours (future blog post!).  I’m looking forward to reading more on this extraordinary group of world-changers.

I love learning about historical awakenings and revivals in the Church, especially those that have impacted all places of society.  This seems to be the one that is recommended on revivals, so I have this arriving in my mailbox any day now.  I also have a couple of Winkie Pratney’s on my wishlist, after hearing him speak on revival last Sunday. Brilliant.

Anything by Graham Cooke is going to be brilliant. In this book, the first of a three-part series, Graham packs this training manual/guidebook full of insight, examples, application and assignments.  If you’re a student of the prophetic, then this one’s for you.

Understanding the Seer gift of the prophetic is something I’m going after at the moment.  The seer dimension of the prophetic is simply a way of receiving revelation, it’s not scary weird stuff. 🙂 So since this is the recommended book by those that I look to for wisdom, so it’s at the top of my reading pile!

This book contains rare, never before published material of selected, transcribed, edited sermons delivered by A.W. Tozer.  I thought I should probably balance out all the modern Christian titles with a little of the classic.  This seemed like a good fit. 🙂

Undoubtedly I’ll be adding other books to my pile before the break even starts.  Do you have any recommendations for me?  What will you be reading over the holidays?

With joy,



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6 thoughts on “Books Books Books!

  1. mwfinchwren

    It’s beautiful to hear from you, dear Vic! I’ve thought of you from time to time these months, as you’ve been walking out your new calling.

    Am intrigued by your book list. We also have Goll’s seer book, and an excellent one he has on dream language. I’d like to check out a few of these!

    A blessed and happy Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Melanie! I’ve missed you! Our computer also died shortly after I left the Crew, so I was a couple of months without it. It was a blessing. 😉
      But sorry I hadn’t replied to your e-mail a while ago. I’ve been thinking of you too and wondering how you’re getting on. I’ll write over the break.
      Take care, love Vic

  2. mwfinchwren

    I have missed you, too! I knew that God had you busy with the cool things He is doing with you and your family now….but I’ve thought of you many times. Especially when there was news about your part of the world.

    Sorry to hear about your computer! I must say, though, it’s truly lovely to see you again! 🙂

    And by the way…..did you know that your blog is up for the “Best Encourager” award over at The Homeschool Post?

    Very, very exciting. And also well-deserved, in my opinion. 🙂

    Hugs, dear one!

    1. Victoria Post author

      You treasure. x God has been doing outrageously amazing things. I’m simply not the same person I was 3 months ago. I feel like I’m soaring. Graham’s materials and TWC has a lot to do with it, and so does connecting with a community of people going after Jesus with all their hearts.
      Yes I did see that my blog was there, as some traffic came through from their website. That was a nice surprise. Thank you. xx Bless you!


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