Seasons of Life and Your Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams

Seasons of Life

When I started this blog over 2 years ago, I simply wanted to bring my loaves and fishes to the www, as I try to faithfully raise my children and navigate my way through everything that entails.  Ironically, I’m usually a really private person and an introvert. But I felt compelled to share my journey with others in the hope that I could be a blessing and pass on what I’m learning during this season of my life.  Thanks for sticking around through my different ‘blogging’ seasons so far. 🙂

A few months ago, I sensed the Father drawing me into a deeper relationship with Him, and that in the process He would launch me into a new phase of ministry besides that of raising my children. He did shortly thereafter, and I went through the process of joining a ministry team for someone I greatly respect and admire. But it hasn’t ended there.

I’ve had things on my heart for years – the last couple of decades of my life to be honest. As time has passed, the desire to pursue these dreams has only increased. At the same time, children arrived on the scene, so for the last 10 years my life has been focused mostly on them. I’m committed to homeschooling them, and to raising adults that desire to know their God, and be his hands and feet on the earth.

But I won’t be doing this gig full-time forever. And neither do my dreams need to go on hold completely until my beautiful children have grown up and left home.  He gave me these desires NOW for a reason!

So here I was, enjoying the delights the Father was showing me of Himself, and contributing to an incredible ministry and globally-based team. And enter in another change.

The catalyst for a final tipping point in my heart was simply an article that a friend posted a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. I’ve seen these images before. We all have. But for some reason this time, it broke my heart.

I declared to myself that from here the kind of faith I’m going to live out for the rest of my life was going to have to go to another level if I’m to truly touch the world with the love of Christ. It’s no longer enough for me to dip my feet in the water – I have to get right in.

The brilliant thing about turning 38 this past week is that I’m old enough to worry much less about what people think anymore and, gladly, I haven’t grown cynical.  I also know the gifts and abilities I’ve been given, and looking back on my adult life, I can see a learning experience or preparation of some sort in everything I’ve done (even that university degree in Criminology 🙂 ). It’s all going in my backpack on this next phase of my journey.

I’m writing, praying and dreaming like I haven’t in a long time. I’m talking to my friends that have/are serving on the mission field in areas that I can see myself assisting in, and am asking the Lord to guide my steps where he’d have me. As I said last time, I’m allowing God’s capacity to love increase within me, and I can hardly contain my excitement about what He’s going to do through me. He’s going to be amazing!

Let me encourage you today – it’s never too late to pursue the dreams that the Father has laid on your heart, no matter how unqualified you think you are, or how impossible it seems. God loves an impossible dream, the kind that only He can bring about.

Pull out that journals, look up previous prophetic words and dreams, spend some decent chunks of time seeking the Lord, and write down what He shows you. “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps”. (Ps. 16:9).

Talk to some people that you see pursuing a life extraordinary, and glean from them whatever you can. Ask the Lord to bring the right people into your path that will encourage, inspire, and provide wisdom into launching you forward another step. And be that person for someone else.

I strongly recommend writing things down. Do you have a 5-year plan? A 10-year plan? Are there skills and preparation you can work towards now that will assist you later? Can you network with like-minded people and communities now? Can you serve another person’s vision for a season?

Think you’re already on track? How about exploring the possibilities of going higher, wider, deeper, and beyond your current expectations?

The world needs you to be your brilliant self, in absolute fullness not just in measure. Enjoy the season you’re in, but take a risk and be willing to step out on the water to find who God wants you to be.  The world is waiting!

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