A Week of Homeschooling with a Reluctant Learner

Working with my Reluctant Learner

We are back into our second term of the year this week, having had 2 weeks off any formal learning in our home. My almost 5 year old is writing well for her age, and is very hands-on with her learning. We’re not in any rush to have her sitting at the table for long periods of time, but it does help to have all the kids in the same area doing some sort of structured activities, including the younger ones.

I can’t just sit my preschooler down with activity books to go through like I did with my first child. She’d rather get her hands involved in something messy and creative.

This week she announced that she did not like school and would not be doing anything this week. Rather than ruin her love of learning by insisting she do what I had planned (which I thought was all fun stuff!), I asked her what she wanted to do.

‘The Sound of Music’ and nothing else, was the reply I was given.

Reluctant learner paper dolls

By the end of the week, the paper doll folder had enjoyed plenty of use

So here’s how our week of ‘not school’ looked:

  • We found these beautiful paper dolls of the characters from ‘The Sound of Music’ and she spent about 3 hours on the first day just cutting them out and getting to know them;
  • We found an Edelweiss flower online, as no-one around here knew what Edelweiss even meant.
  • We did our own version of this lollipop art in the style of Austrian architect and artist Hunderwasser (everyone joined in for this one)
  • We did a colouring page of ‘The Tree of Life’ by Austria artist Gustav Klimt
  • We looked up Austria on our markable world map
  • We learned how to yodel and watched some great YouTube clips of young girls yodelling.
  • We had Weiner schnitzel (with beef though, not veal) and apple strudel for dinner one night (I made homemade pastry which probably wasn’t as authentic, but at least it was healthier!)
  • We started a ‘Sound of Music’ book at my daughter’s insistence, which has different words for her to trace over and copy.
  • We listened to some music by Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • We looked at photos of Austrian landmarks online, especially the Danube River and the Alps.
  • We read about Austria in every book I could find on our shelves, including historical costumes, how children of the world live, and general country facts.

Hunderwasser art (this one is actually my older daughter’s one, as the silver came out better in the photos)

Reluctant learner

The Tree of Life colouring page – a work in progress

This week coming, I plan on easing in a few things we were doing before the holidays, including a few minutes of her reading to me, and some early maths activities. We’ll finish our Sound of Music book, and then next week’s theme is ballet, since there’s much excitement about the upcoming show that the girls are both in.  So we’ll be doing this great free ballerina preschool activity pack.  (Here are the rest of Carisa’s free preschool packs).

But no schoolwork involved, right? 😉

How do you manage to keep learning fun in your homeschool?

~ Victoria

Reluctant learner homemade book

The beginnings of the Sound of Music copywork book. I have written in some words for my preschooler to trace and then copy.


4 thoughts on “A Week of Homeschooling with a Reluctant Learner

  1. mwfinchwren

    Once again, Victoria, you encourage me greatly! What a beautiful week of school! Girl, you certainly have the gift of creativity. What a happy week!

    And…life has eased up enough for me to do some more reading. Crafted Prayer is getting more and more amazing!

    Much love, my friend!

    1. Victoria Post author

      You are too kind my dear friend. x
      And Crafted Prayer just gets better and better. The best part is when you actually start activating those prayers in your life. Prepare yourself!


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