Reasons for Christian Families to Homeschool

Reasons for Christian families to homeschool

This month’s post for Lindsey at ‘Roadto31’ is on some reasons why Christian families may chose to homeschool.

“The longer my husband and I journey as parents, the more we see just how important it is to hold securely to the incredible responsibility of raising and educating our children. 


We believe it to be our sole responsibility and not that of the State, or extended family and relatives, or Sunday School teachers and pastors, or Hollywood, or anyone else.  There are certainly times we invite others into carrying this out with us, whether it be intentionally or unknowingly, but we alone have sole stewardship of our children’s upbringing.


We have found that homeschooling provides the best opportunity to educate your child according to Christian values and emphasis, and to do so in an environment that is loving, supportive, nurturing and Godly.”…


Whether you’re considering this, or have been homeschooling for a while, I hope it encourages you.

Have a great week.


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