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The pace of life around here has changed lately.  We’re enjoying learning so much more, there’s less busyness, and we aren’t going out as much as we used to.  Life and homeschooling has become much more simple, even though all our children are actively learning through the day.

I’m beginning to embrace this season of life so much more than when I was trying to juggle too much.  The homeschool life just requires me laying down all my immediate wants and desires, if I’m to do this well.  This is my ministry, and will be for some time. And if I’m really thinking long-term, my greatest desire is really to raise wholehearted children.  Everything else can wait.

Homeschooling also demands a different way of looking at learning, relationships, and priorities, just to name a few.  It’s taken some years, but I think I’m finally free from trying to do public school at home, and now think more in terms of becoming a family that learns and grows together.

So on that note, here are some highlights from this week in our homeschool, in all its simplicity, mess, delight, unfinished tasks, and freshly doggy-eared books.

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The kids are rolling out dough for our unleavened bread.  We studied the Exodus account of the Israelites leaving Egypt inStory of the World’ chapter 14.

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For lunch, we cooked up our bread and made some hummus.  Just for fun we had our lunch spread on the floor.  We read about Passover and also made some charoset.

Our Simple Homeschool

My daughter is starting to make candy rock crystals, one of the experiments in SuperCharged Science.

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We did some finger painting outside from a simple print-out from Meaningful Mama.

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The girls had some free time Friday afternoon, and did some art in their activity books.  My 8 year old has The New Zealand Art Activity Book, and my 4 year old has Do You Doodle.  Both of these are really fantastic.

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We’ve taken 2 soil samples from our garden and will be doing an experiment from our Apologia Flying Creatures chapter 13 on what lives in each.

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A happy scene when I went to gather us all for lunch.  Sibling relationships is something we are intentionally working on at the moment.  I don’t just want them to tolerate each others company, I want them to love each other!  The small victories make me smile.

Tonight we are watching Anne of Green Gables for our Friday Family Night… on video tape might I add, on loan from a homeschool friend.  So the kids have also had a lesson in how to work a video player.  Like in the olden days.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you are enjoying every small and wonderful moment with your children.


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  1. Chareen

    That’s a great idea! Having a meal on the floor. I love seeing the children’s creativity. Well done. And the finger painting looks great.


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