Changing the Pace – taking steps to live a more simple life

Changing the Pace

There’s a flood of e-books, articles and information online these days, giving us insight into how to balance every aspect of our lives, particularly for us mothers that are at home and sometimes also homeschooling our children.  Although there are varying voices on the subject, the loudest one appears to be that we woman can have it all, make a few compromises and take some short-cuts, but still manage to juggle all these balls that are thrown our way.

I’ve felt caught up into the frenzy myself at times, with a mix of worthy goals and some less worthy – to nurture my marriage, successfully raise and teach my children, be actively involved in the lives of others, have some sort of public face so I don’t fade into obscurity, manage a home well, give out of what the Lord has placed in my hands, have Mum time with others outside my home, meetings and functions, write in this space here while ticking all the necessary boxes that I knew nothing about 12 months ago (eg. SEO keywords, pinnable images, and social media promotion)… and so forth.

And then there’s the deepest desire within me to connect more closely with my Creator, the source of all things good in my life.  He has so much he wants to share with me, and yet my own fears of perhaps falling off someone’s radar or not feeling fully satisfied with how things are arranged in my life, has frequently kept me from being still and moving out of the fast pace of modern life to hear His voice.

I love the picture that we have been given in creation, of bees, birds and insects, living out their purpose, but not in a hurry.  There’s a natural rhythm to things, cycles and seasons that continue without toil.  Fruit comes forth from a healthy tree of its own accord, and doesn’t strain or labour to appear.  Aren’t we, those created in the image of God, so much more capable of finding this sort of purpose and peace in our own lives?  To align ourselves with a rhythm and purpose that has peace, sustained rest, and fullness of life?

So I’m at the point now of saying yes more to the things that matter, which inevitably means saying no to other things at times.

  • Yes to more time with Jesus, so no to things that use my time unwisely or that can simply wait.
  • Yes to more time just enjoying the sun with my children, feet in the grass, and breathing fresh air, so no to always managing our day according to the clock.
  • Yes to making our home as our ‘centre’, so no to lots of activity through the week outside the home.
  • Yes to the natural rhythm and pace that my family is best wired to, so no to hurrying my children up all the time.
  • Yes to the ‘hidden’ things that take place out of sight from others: enjoying my children, loving my husband, and cultivating a healthy environment in my home.  So no to excessive social media time, ‘me’ time with friends, blogging things, or putting aside the ministry in my home to do ministry in other places.  [Of course I still want to spend time with my friends and serve the Lord in other places besides my home, but those things need to find their place in this season of my life where my home is where my heart is].

I’m anticipating that in deciding to focus primarily on these hidden years with my children, I might fall off the social scene somewhat, not always make it to events and functions, and perhaps even become forgotten by some if I lose my visibility in their lives.  But I’m choosing to focus on what God is giving me, not what I am losing. I’m going after what He is giving me instead!

I’m finding I’m looking forward to waking up each day, having the kids jump into my lap, homeschooling them (even though daily there are still challenges to overcome), and the end of the day I can’t wait to spend time with Jesus.

I’m off the treadmill and have my feet on the ground.   I’m planning to enjoy my years with my children.  I don’t want a single regret from this point forward.

Will you join me?


13 thoughts on “Changing the Pace – taking steps to live a more simple life

  1. Fleur

    Im in love with this post on every level!! I think I need to cultivate that clock thing.. Im always pushing the kids “come on, 20 minutes, want x done”.. and I forget that underneath it is this fear that I have to have my kids achieving. The world expects it. They have little tolerance for anything less that genius homeschoolers. Yet lets face it, even if I raised professors, they would criticize their social skills or some other factor. And at the base of it, is that question: who am I doing it for?? Thanks for reminding me what matters most. A whole day spent studying His Word, enjoying His presence, will still surpass any day in which I ticked all my ‘learning goal’ boxes. xx

    1. Victoria Post author

      So blessed to be walking this journey with you Fleur. Let’s say ‘yes’ to some things this year that will change the lives of our families! xx

  2. Jessica

    We’ve been striving for this for a while now. It takes constant evaluation and just last year I realized I had let all sorts of “good” obligations crowd in and rob my family of some margin. I think it’s important to be fully convinced when striving to live simply. Because some will question our judgment. Some won’t like it. Some might take it personally. And we have to be ready to respectfully disagree and live out the life we feel God has called us to.

  3. Terri

    Amen. This is it. We do okay in most areas you mention (my husband is a bull-dog on this keeping life simple–always has been–even in high school). But I’m going to put myself out there on this one because I need to work on it. I usually blog in the morning before my kids wake up. Once one of my kids wake up, I’d like to be able to shift my focus to them and STOP–whether I’m in the middle of a thought or not. Even if they wake up early. I want to make mornings more hospitable for them and calmer for me. Simple mornings. 🙂

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  5. finchnwren

    Victoria, I absolutely love this post. What a great visual image God drew your eyes to notice…the natural world living out its own purposes, gently and calmly. Why CAN’T we do the same? Of course we can! But it definitely requires attention and focus. I can see such an enormous difference in the way the Lord has drawn us as a family, to spend our time and our days. It is great fun to know that He is doing the same thing in families the world over!

    Hugs to you, my friend!


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