Our Curriculum 2014 – Pre-K and Third Grade

Our 2014 Curriculum

This last year of learning was a time of experimenting, not so much in choosing curriculum but in getting it to work in a multi-level homeschool.  Our son went from a one year old who once sat playing with baby toys, to a busy two year old who runs around all day and wants to join in learning time at the table.  I feel like so much of our energy was spent managing sibling interactions and keeping the flow of school going.  All in all though, we had a productive year and I’m excited about our plan for 2014.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that we lean towards a Charlotte Mason and Classical approach to our homeschooling.  So our curriculum choices reflect this.  I love the order of Classical learning, and also the hands-on ‘living’ approach of Charlotte Mason learning.

So here are the resources we will use, bearing in mind that much of our learning takes place beyond even the best of books and resources.  I couldn’t possibly list every learning opportunity, nature walk, outdoors trip, and teachable moment!

Let me know what you think!


2014 Curriculum - Grade 3 2014 Curriculum - Pre-K

5 thoughts on “Our Curriculum 2014 – Pre-K and Third Grade

  1. Natalie

    Hi Victoria.
    I stumbled across your blog today, from another blog you had liked a posting on and I noticed your face looked extremely familiar … Perhaps it’s many years ago at The Rock?? … So I’ve stopped by and had a look around!
    Fabulous blog … Yay you! 🙂
    It was lovely to see you are homeschooling … Me too!
    Just want to encourage you that the sibling chaos gets better over time … Well it changes lol. You no longer need to chase the two year old boy or stop him eating/destroying/drawing on resources … You have to staple him to the chair and somehow encourage him that learning is fun … See your sisters love it!! Ha ha ha 😉
    I’m encouraged by your blog and can’t wait to read more.
    Have an awesome summer.
    Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    1. Victoria Post author

      Hi Natalie! Yes that’s me! That was some years ago… about 15 since we’ve been there. Wow! Are you still there?
      Yes the little guy is pretty busy. He loves to pull things apart to see how they work. Unfortunately sometimes it’s things that don’t go back together again. 🙂
      I’ll have to pop over and visit your blog.
      Thanks for visiting, and have a warm and wonderful Christmas.
      from Victoria

      1. Natalie Joyce

        Yay it was you!!
        I think we were there 14 or so years. God called us out of our comfort zone of The Rock this August … Very hard 🙁 but leaving comfort zones is never easy. But boy has there been growth in the obedience!! Praise The Lord!!
        Are you guys still in Wellington?
        Glad to hear its not just our man who is like that … Our son is the same!! Loves investigating, pulling apart, often not matched with putting back together and cannot stay still … Much to the frustration and dismay of the rest of the troops 🙂 but as he says “this is just how God made me” … Oh the joys lol.
        Can’t wait to journey out life with you via this fabulous world of blogging! 😉
        Enjoy your evening.
        Natalie 🙂

        1. Victoria Post author

          Hi Natalie, we aren’t in Welli anymore, we moved north. Best thing we ever did for our family! Hope you enjoy blogging. blessings, from Victoria


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