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After a full weekend of spring cleaning, a family outing to a local fair, making Jesse tree ornaments, and preparing for a rock pool trip tomorrow, I managed to sneak away and soak up the afternoon’s fading sunshine on the deck for half an hour to myself.

My choice of reading for today?  The Old Schoolhouse have published their November/December magazine issue online, with 176 pages packed full of homeschool encouragement, dozens of curriculum options and links, practical helps, and other great articles that pass on the best of what others have learned on their homeschooling journey.

If you’re not familiar with it, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a FREE online magazine, published bi-monthly, and written for homeschooling families and mothers at all ages and stages of the home educating adventure.  It’s an absolute treasure trove of wisdom, advice, links and encouragement, with some of the most well known names in homeschooling contributing regularly.

There’s something for everyone!  Here were some highlights for me in this issue:

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine also has a FREE app available for Apple, Kindle, and Android users.  Although the magazine can be easily viewed on your laptop, you might enjoy the convenience and ease of use on your handheld device.

The Old Schoolhouse is also a fantastic place for homeschool resources in their online store, free downloads, the quarterly live Schoolhouse EXPO, the weekly ‘Homeschool Minute’, and reviews and recommendations from the TOS Review Crew.

If you’re a bit of a curriculum junkie like me and love to read about how others are incorporating fantastic products and curriculum in their homeschool, visit The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew website, which is a hub of reviews from a wealth of bloggers.  I always make the effort to seek out handfuls of honest reviews before purchasing any homeschool curriculum or resource as I want every purchase to count.  The TOS Review Crew has a great reputation in the homeschooling world for writing reviews that are trustworthy and thorough.

The highlight of my time out in the quiet, Android device in hand with the Old Schoolhouse on screen, wasn’t any particular article on its own – it was simply the experience of scrolling through the words of homeschoolers that understand our world, know what we’re trying to do with our children, and provide encouragement and help for me to make good decisions as I navigate my way through some unchartered waters.

Time well spent!

I’m currently being considered for the 2014 TOS Review Crew  – very exciting!  This review forms part of determining whether the Crew and I are a good fit for each other.  If you go to p166 of the latest issue, you can read some of the amazing products that the TOS Review Crew have reviewed in 2013.

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