“Homeschool In The Woods” Old Testament Lap Book Review

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I’m excited to share this fantastic resource with you that I’ve recently used with our 8 year old.

‘Homeschool In The Woods Publishing’ produces beautifully created lap books, timelines and maps that are designed to bring history alive to your child in ways that are visual, both informative and age-appropriate, and full of fun experiences and hands-on activities.  We love flicking through our timeline book often as we continue to add to it.  We’ve used a number of their products over the years, after being introduced to their timeline figures via Sonlight, and hope to enjoy many more of their history project packs.

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The downloadable Lap book Pack on the Old Testament consists of 3 parts:

  • The individual components for the lap book;
  • 25 Illustrated Proverbs;
  • The Old Testament Tribune;

There are step-by-step instructions for assembling and completing each part, and plenty of photo spreads to guide you in this also.

Old Testament Lap Book

Here were some of the highlights for us from the Lap Book:

  • It covered the major aspects of the Old Testament including Creation, the Flood, the Ten Commandments and Daniel in the lion’s den, as well as some that aren’t often covered including the major and minor prophets, the division of the Hebrew kingdoms, and Ruth and Naomi.
  • There was plenty of variety in the individual assignments–research, writing, colouring, and even some recipes to create.
  • There were several penmanship options to choose from, and I found the amount of writing was just right.
  • We could spend more time on the things we enjoyed more.
  • The drawings and presentation are just stunning – they are lovely to colour but look just as fantastic left in black and white.  Your children will treasure their work when it is worth saving – and this one definitely is.  My daughter took the time and care to complete the activities and assemble it, because it was worth doing well.

HITW Old Testament 5There was no study guide that accompanied this, I imagine due to the difficulty in producing something that works for all.  So to get the most out of this project with your child, I’d recommend reading the scriptures that each Lap Book component relates to (these are included), and discussing with your child as you see fit.  You might also like to read the stories in your favourite storybook (ours is “The Jesus Storybook Bible”) and include younger ones in the experience.

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25 Illustrated Proverbs

HITW Old Testament 7We used the Illustrated Proverbs over the course of a few weeks and are still finishing them.  This is such a great way of adding in some scripture memory to your learning.  There are 4 options for  incorporating them into your learning time, depending on your child’s level (all have space to illustrate):

  • A blank template with dashed lines (for early writers)
  • A blank template with ruled lines (sometimes known as primary-lined)
  • 25 Proverbs in dashed lines to trace over
  • 25 Proverbs with text included (illustrate only)

The Old Testament Tribune

This fun activity involved researching and writing up mini reports on different stories from the Old Testament.  The headings are so creative and clever, and there is room to be creative with how the mini reports are written.  I loved the addition of adverts in the newspaper pages!  It broke up the writing assignments a bit, and gave the finishing product a more authentic look and feel.

We read the stories mostly in our Jesus Storybook Bible, and a couple of them in my daughter’s Discoverer’s Bible.  If your child is a reluctant writer, you might like to have them dictate them to you while you type.

Can I encourage you to turn this activity into something fun?  Dress up together, have your child interview you as an eyewitness to the events, involve the younger ones, and your child will catch your enthusiasm when they write up their ‘reports’.

You might like to take a look at some of the other products that Homeschool in the Woods offer – I think they are beautifully done, and I can’t wait to get the New Testament Lap Book for our homeschool. 🙂

I was not compensated in any way for this review – just wanting to recommend a fantastic product for your homeschool journey.

[* “Lap Book” is the preferred term that Homeschool in the Woods uses, and is a trademarked name (see www.tobinslab.com) ]

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