Introducing ‘WinterPromise’ – A Unique Homeschool Curriculum


Reading ‘Children of Many Lands’ Together – a beautifully presented book on 30 countries (exclusive to WinterPromise)

I confess, I love researching homeschool curriculum as I’m constantly looking for the very best resources that suit our learning goals and our core values.  It’s not every day I come across one that really gets my attention, but here’s one that has.

WinterPromise has the best of everything.  It’s a literature-based curriculum with a Charlotte Mason twist and a touch of the Classical, and combines notebooking, worksheets and hands-on activities, journaling, mapping, and the best living books that will engage your child’s attention and stir a love of learning and of history.  I especially love the Christian perspective that encourages my child’s heart towards God and towards seeing opportunities in the world to love and serve.  That has been a real thrill for me, as I’ve seen my daughter’s awareness grow and her understanding widen to how others live.

WP 4

Looking at the stunning photographic displays of what families own in different countries around the world (in ‘Material World’)

We have been using resources from the ‘Children Around the World’ theme this year, and here are some of the highlights so far:

  • Eye-catching books that draw my children in, with beautifully written content. ‘Children of Many Lands’ is one particularly that’s a real treat for us.
  • Involving my younger ones in the reading times and cultural experiences.
  • Reinforcing our family’s core values in international justice and compassion issues.
  • Finding an age-appropriate outlet for prayerful discussion – some of the things we’ve read have given us some priceless opportunities that I’m grateful for.
  • The flexibility to do some things more in-depth when we want to


My friend who lives just a walk away is doing the full-year theme ‘Children Around the World’ and purchased mostly e-books, which made for a much more cost effective way being that we are outside the US.  She is a full-time missionary and wanted to widen her children’s worldview in this area.

There are currently 18 themes that will suit any interest and learning goals, and range from pre-K through to Senior High – have a look here. We have already picked some favourites for future years!

You can add Science and Language Arts programs to your themed full-year theme package, and WinterPromise also stock some quality Math programs and activity kits.

Finally, I thought I’d show you some photos from our recent English tea party (from a free WinterPromise study on Great Britain).  The kids loved this one.  Because I have English parents and we eat similar food anyway (and I wanted our tea party to be a little more special than normal), I took the opportunity to make some things we ate as children, and did a little family history lesson while we ate.  Naturally we also learned a little table etiquette also.  The kids learned about their English roots and most importantly we had lots of fun!  The girls especially loved drinking from  cups and saucers.  They have asked me to make some of our family favourites from when I was young, which I’ll do at some stage soon – Toad-in-the-Hole, Roast Beef with Yorkshire puddings, apple pie and custard, and bread and butter pudding.

WP English tea party (3)

WP English tea party (4)

WP English tea party (2)

If you’d like to find out more, start here for further information, free samples, and heaps more.

WinterPromise are having a Facebook party this Monday 30th September.  I encourage you to come along and learn more about them and win some of the dozens of prizes.  I hear that there’s going to be a special announcement.  I’ll be there – join me!

WinterPromise FB Party{Linked up at Ducks in a Row}

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