Keeping Your Eyes on the Big Picture

reallifehomeschooling-640x480I’ve had the privilege this week of guest posting for Candace at ‘His Mercy is New‘.

I’m not a veteran homeschooling Mum by any stretch of the imagination – we’ve been homeschooling for just 5 years.  But I hope I can pass on a few things that I’ve learned mostly through trial and error that will help you.

I have a confession to make – sometimes I yearn to know what the ‘other’ life is like.  What would it be like to dress up in pretty clothes and put on some make-up that isn’t dried out?  Or enjoy a second income and buy some brand new clothes?  Or best of all, take a blissful walk on the beach in solitude every day at sunrise, just myself and the Lord?  How would it be to just let someone else deal with the character issues in my children on a daily basis?  Some days, especially those after another disruptive night’s sleep, my enthusiasm wanes for tackling sibling interactions, preparing wholesome food, and keeping the learning consistent and productive. I find myself letting out a weary sigh and wondering how well I’m going to last the distance on this journey!

Gladly, I have never regretted our decision to home educate our children, as early on we established our ‘why’ with a strong conviction.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt utterly overwhelmed at times!

I’d love to share some of the things I’ve found have gotten me through more difficult days.”… continued here

To read the rest, please visit His “His Mercy is New: Real Life Homeschooling #20 – Keeping the Big Picture in Mind”

6 thoughts on “Keeping Your Eyes on the Big Picture

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor

    I loved the post! I tried to leave a message on the blog there, but I had to sign in and it’s getting late. Don’t compare yourself and have a vision are two that I use a lot. (Hmmm. They kind of apply to blogging, too!)

  2. mwfinchwren

    Spoken with grace and love as always, Victoria. I liked the Vision portion especially. What is God’s special call for each of these precious homeschooling families?

    Btw…..I have added one “girly” thing to my homeschool mom life over the summer. It is small, doesn’t take much time, but makes me smile every time I see my fingers and toes. Yep—-a mani and a pedi! Now, these are at-home versions done by yours truly….but that doesn’t even matter. I am finding out that I am a big fan of color! Currently (as of this a.m. as I was throwing polish on my fingers before we headed out the door to coop) I have mint green on my toes and carnation pink on my fingers. Oh yeah! :)Wren

  3. Yvonne Reynolds

    Great wisdom you shared on the post! Sure wish I had that much wisdom after 5 years of homeschooling, but coming from the working world, then becoming a Christian and starting to homeschool all at the same time sure was a big change for me. Thankful that He has a great plan for me and for my family!


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