Remembering the Main Thing

remembering the main thing

Can I share with you a post from my friend Jenn’s site Mommy Evangelism: “Heroes Rarely Play it Safe”?  This so spoke to my heart today.  I feel like I need to keep reminding myself on where our focus should be as a family on this homeschooing journey.

My husband and I have the goal before us that we are not simply raising good citizens but that we are raising children to live a life extraordinary by expressing who God has intended them to be on the earth.  Some days we can get too bogged down in getting the academics and social time covered that we miss the point.  Thanks Jenn for the reminder. 🙂

I have been missing it. God is doing something in my heart to pour into my children. Heroes rarely play it safe!  They are out, serving, ministering, loving the least of these. They are bold, strong and courageous. They listen to Gods call and GO!  So if my children are in my home and I have a limited time to train them should I bog them down with busy work or should I be equipping them?

Are we teaching them to read so they can make good readers OR are we training them to read so they can go and teach children in villages in Africa how to read?  Are we teaching them math so they can make change or are we teaching them so they can train women in India how to run a home enterprise, pulling themselves from begging and poverty?  Are we training them in science so they can know a lot of cool facts or are we teaching them science so they can go and help farmers grow crops in tough soil or help villages make water purifiers?  Are we teaching them history because we should or because we want them to go and reclaim what this country once was? Let us start training heroes with our homeschool!  World changers!  Life changers!  People who DON’T play it safe but run after the challenge that is before them! Let us change our perspectives!

Please take the time to read the rest of Jenn’s post and be encouraged!

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  1. Ellie

    Wow this is powerful stuff Victoria! Way to go! Your children are certainly blessed to have such a role model with a “can-do” spirit! Oh and I wanted to thank you for being friends with Valerie and her lovely post recommending mine. You are so thoughtful and I do appreciate that greatly, blessings,


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