10 Ways to Encourage Children In Their Chores

10 ways

After becoming more consistent with assigning chores to my children, it’s apparent that their hearts need a little coaching.  If only it was as simple as giving them chores and having them joyfully undertake them.

I have one daughter that loves helping with chores and has a natural desire to be a homemaker.  And then I have another that drags her feet behind her.   My son is too young to do much but a little of his own tidying.  I think we’ll get there soon!  In the meantime, here are some tips that might help both your reluctant starter and your enthusiastic helper:

  1. Give them lots of encouragement;
  2. Celebrate the chores they are getting done;
  3. Do it with them to start with;
  4. Be cheerful yourself;
  5. Set an example on how to do it, but don’t expect perfection from them;
  6. Teach them to be team players – do some chores together like make beds and washing and drying the dishes;
  7. Have a routine so they know the expectations;
  8. Be consistent: have everyone do their chores at the same time each day (ideal time is after breakfast and before school-time).
  9. Make it fun.  Girls could put little aprons on. Give them bright cloths and feather dusters.  Laugh together and enjoy the bustle of activity.
  10. If they don’t like doing something, let them express it, but teach them to do so in a way that isn’t complaining or disrespectful.

Feel free to share your tips!

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5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Encourage Children In Their Chores

  1. Jessica

    I love the tip to not expect perfection! Yes, there is a certain way I like to fold towels or clean the bathroom. But I really appreciate their help and I don’t want to discourage them with being nit-picky.

  2. thehomeschoolingdoctor

    “Be cheerful yourself.” Reminds me of when my 9 year old was pouting so badly while we did laundry together. I just ignored her and kept singing my hymns! Sometimes, I just have the kids stand there while I fold laundry and then they carry it to where it belongs. They get pretty bored, but it keeps them aware of the fact that housework is being done.

  3. lightwarriorkay

    I like these, they make chores sound more fun. I think I’ll pass these ideas off to my mom for my little siblings. 🙂 This list reminds me of how much I’m looking forward to getting married and having kids… But I have a few years left to be home, and that’s perfectly fine. Helping my mom with my siblings is fun too. 🙂


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