Abiding in Him


I read this today on Eric and Leslie Ludy’s Facebook page.  It so spoke to the growing desire in me to know more of His abiding presence in my life.  I hope it blesses you also.

As we learn to abide in Christ and practice His presence, something amazing happens within us; something that lifts the confusing fog of decision-making and makes our path clear. We develop a holy instinct. Our spiritual ears become tuned to the whisper of God’s Spirit. Our spiritual eyes become open to His fingerprints of direction upon our life.
Have you ever heard someone say, “When you meet the love of your life, you just know?” That’s the way a holy instinct works. The more we abide in Christ, the less we have to wonder what specific steps He wants us to take in life…we just know.

Gaining a holy instinct toward Christ is similar to cultivating intimacy in marriage. As we spend time in His presence, as we submit to His rule over each area of our life, as we get to know His nature and character, we begin to truly know Him. And the more we know Him, the less we have to ask the question, “Lord, what should I do in this situation?” – because we instinctively know what He would have us do.

As I abide in Christ, I learn to recognize the soft guiding voice of His Spirit within me. I feel Him pointing out people who need my sensitivity. I feel His prick of caution when I begin to head down the wrong path. I feel His sorrow when I make a choice that grieves Him. I know my God, and therefore, I know His voice.

Of course, there are still plenty of times when I ask God specific questions. “Lord, what should I write in this chapter of the book?” or “Lord, what is the answer to this particular challenge?”

There are times when I feel that He gives me direct answers to these questions. But it is all too easy to get caught up in seeking answers rather than in simply seeking Him. So when I need to make a decision and no answers seem to be coming my way, I take my focus off of “solving the problem” and simply spend time in the presence of my King. And inevitably, as I focus on Him, the answers become clear.

– Leslie Ludy, “When God Writes Your Life Story”

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