Social Media and Seeking Christ (Part 1)

Social Media and Seeking Christ Part 1

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to encouraging blogs, Facebook Groups, and inspiring Pinterest Boards.  I confess I’ve spent many hours amongst these media outlets, finding ways to better improve how I homeschool and run my home, find creative recipes, and how to improve my marriage or parenting strategies.  I’m glad for the resources that have helped me become more intentional and informed.

But I have to say, I feel much of it has come at a cost, and unless I curb my time on these outlets to almost nil, I will miss the precious moments of discipleship and memory-making with my children while they are young.

My home is still being run in an orderly fashion, tasks are mostly getting done, but the real stuff that memories are made of and the quiet moments of solitude and special chats with my children seem to have almost disappeared.  I see how much I have jumped on the internet to escape for a moment or two (or a longer moment) to fill the desire for what I have considered ‘me time’ but in doing so, have jumbled up my expectations and cultivated an ungodly sense of entitlement for what I feel I should have as a mother and wife.

I hope in getting real like this, I encourage someone else out there to take a hard look at this area of their life.  I feel I have no choice but to do this for myself, lest I miss the abundant life that the Father has graciously given me.

I know that many of you will say how these outlets have added value to your lives, and how you’ve received help and connection that has changed your life, and so forth. So let me say that I don’t believe blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are in themselves bad.  I can only attest to what it has done to my own heart, despite having set boundaries and attempted to cull the purpose for which I use these outlets for.  I feel I have also allowed the familiarity of these forms of social media, that have become the cultural norm, to cause spiritual ‘amnesia’ whereby the things that truly matter have been largely forgotten.  You know the saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. Just because we have an accepted cultural practice, it does not mean it is a healthy one.  Living in the midst of it can cause much to go unnoticed.

I believe the lure of social media, and the muddied purpose for which it should be used by a follower of Christ, has largely contributed to a sense of spiritual barenness I have felt, and dulled my senses to where I feel I need some extended time with the Lord at present to clear the static and distraction from my soul.  I have a deep unmovable faith, and the desire to know Him and make Him known never leaves my heart. But the vibrancy, clear vision, and quiet peace that I’ve known is lost at this moment in time.

Perhaps your experience is different, but I can only be honest with myself as I seek to become closer to the Lover of my soul.

Can I speak candidly with you, and in the quest to live the abundant life the Lord has given to us, together we can ask ourselves some pointed questions?

I’ll continue with the rest of this post next time. {read Part two here}

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