60 Activities for your Homeschool Group

60 activities for your homeschool group

The next school term is almost upon us, and with our homeschool group planning meeting coming up, I thought I’d brainstorm some ideas for things we can do with our young group for this term and beyond.

  1. Occupation Afternoon – dress up in different occupations. Have a parent speak on what they do
  2. Book Day – dress up as your favourite book character. Share a story with the Group.
  3. Crafts afternoon – either everyone bring something that they’re already working on, or do something all together.
  4. Learn to sew something simple – or a sewing demonstration if the group is large
  5. Bake some healthy food
  6. Winter Scavenger hunt
  7. Visit the Art Gallery
  8. Sugar Cube building
  9. Park or Playground Day
  10. Presentation Day – kids show something they’ve been working on, or a book they like to read
  11. Nature Walk – bring magnifying glasses, sketch pads, camera’s etc, and see what you can find
  12. Visit a nursing home and sing/recite
  13. Go to the airport
  14. Painting afternoon
  15. Up-cycling – bring along some old things, such as scraps of material/paper, and turn them into works of art.
  16. Obstacle course
  17. Orienteering
  18. Rock or shell collecting
  19. Plant seeds or plants
  20. Bless someone in your neighbourhood – do their gardens, wash their car and other odd jobs
  21. Kite flying day
  22. Board games
  23. How-to – learn how to do something new
  24. How things work – pull something to pieces and see how it works
  25. Exercise class
  26. Make and bake bread
  27. Beads
  28. Nature Art
  29. Simple Science (eg. Float/sink, looking at objects under microscope, etc)
  30. Learn and perform simple plays
  31. Team building (set an activity that they have to do in groups)
  32. Treasure Hunt
  33. Solve a Mystery
  34. Write a progressive story
  35. Make a newspaper
  36. Back-to-school picnic
  37. Hobby Day
  38. Ball games
  39. Sports day
  40. Fire Station visit
  41. Museum visit
  42. Library visit
  43. Zoo Visit
  44. Bush walk
  45. Beach walk
  46. Aquarium
  47. Historic houses/churches/monuments and local tours (finish with a picnic)
  48. Plan and perform a historical reenactment
  49. Visit a large local greenhouse
  50. Go bird-watching
  51. Visit a pottery studio
  52. Find a local factory and take a tour
  53. Visit an aviation museum
  54. Go to a bakery and see how bread is made
  55. Blueberry picking or something else at an orchard or farm
  56. Visit the local animal shelter
  57. Family Day – invite Dad’s, grandparents, and other important people in your children’s lives.  Share food together!
  58. Visit the local radio station
  59. Have a talented photographer friend (or one of the Mum’s) take photo’s of all the children in the park or somewhere special.  Take the opportunity to give the kids some tips for great photography.
  60. Visit a construction site and learn about the building process, site safety, and teamwork.

Do you have any activity ideas you’d like to share?


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