Why We Read Together

Why we read togetherI love books.  Both of my parents were avid readers and passed this love onto all three of their children.  And now I have the joy of instilling a love for the written word in my own children.  I love it that now I can see that love growing in them also.

Here are some reasons why I believe filling your home with family story-times, and stocking your shelves with plenty of quality books, is worthwhile:

  • First and foremost, the time that you spend together huddled up around a good book being read-aloud is what making joy-filled memories is all about.   One-on-one times reading to your children, as well as family story times altogether, will leave an imprint on your children’s hearts of quality time with Mum or Dad where everything else can wait and they are the most important priority in that moment.  Priceless.
  • Reading regularly will develop a love of reading in your children.  Reading is where they’ll discover other worlds, cultures, people, slices of life, and all kinds of knowledge that will enrich their life and teach them things that you alone cannot.
  • Exposing your children to well-written literature will expand their vocabulary and widen their understanding at so many different levels.  They will gain greater use of language and stretch their minds to develop their own thoughts and ideas.
  • Reading a variety of stories and great books will widen their worldview and create an unquenchable hunger for learning.
  • Reading about the different lives of people from all walks of life, both fiction and non-fiction, will create moments of opportunity to teach and guide your child.
  • Reading for a length of time will eventually lengthen your child’s attention span and teach them listening skills.

If you are unable to buy every book that you would love to read, consider making frequent use of your local library.

I’ve recently updated and added a number of book lists that I hope will give you some ideas of some titles to add to your home library.  Many of these we have, and others we hope to add soon.

You might also find this reading log useful.

Finally, here’s a great book that we are hoping to add to our bookshelf soon that provides more than a thousand worthy titles of wonderful stories for children of all ages:

Read for the Heart cover

13 thoughts on “Why We Read Together

  1. pathfindershomeschoolmentoring

    Wonderful post! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of reading Robinson Crusoe, Heidi, and others with my mom. Then later, as an older reader, we would read the same books separately so we could discuss them together. Good times!

  2. mwfinchwren

    Agreed! We have had the most wonderful years together doing family read-alouds….due to our collective love of story. Love the art, too, by the way. Looking forward to another delightful school year of books!


  3. Sanz @ From The Mrs.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE reading together and I agree with your reasons! I read aloud to my children most nights of the week. We also read together often during the day. My 7 year old doesn’t LOVE to read…yet! He is an excellent reader and I’m hoping that if I keep reading to him and that he sees me read, he’ll grow to love it too. I like to gift books for birthdays and Christmas as well. I want them to know I value books!

  4. Sarah D

    Good Afternoon!

    I am visiting from Sunday Sharing Pinterest Party. I too had the love of reading instilled in me as a child and am looking forward to passing it on to my own children someday. Now, however, I am working to pass on the love of the written word to the children I take care of at work. One of my favorite pass times is reading to them and having them read to me. 🙂

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Sarah! We love reading, and even on those days where not much book work gets covered, there’s always plenty of reading aloud together. My eldest daughter loves to read to us too. Thanks for visiting. Victoria


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