Common Sight Words

spelling solutionsI’d recently started compiling information to come up with a list of about 200 sight words in the English language, but then came across this great resource which we’re going to use instead.

So I wanted to pass this onto you too!  Visit CurrClick for this super free download by Jeannie Fulbright.  I have written each word onto a card rather than print them.

We are already doing a great spelling program called ‘All About Spelling‘, and no doubt we are going to cover a lot of the rules for these later this year and next year.  But we’re taking a couple of weeks off our usual program to learn these sight words just to help my daughter (7) have these ones committed to memory.  I’m hoping it will help her frustration levels a little, as she has been journaling and writing letters a lot lately from her own initiative.

Some like to just get their child writing, even if it is full of misspelled words, and then not correct them immediately in the event that they might be discouraged.

I prefer Charlotte Mason’s philosophy on spelling: that a child should never ever gaze upon a misspelt word and risk committing that to memory.  Of course, correction needed be a negative experience for your child or done in a way that is disapproving.  My daughter has learned now that it’s very satisfying and encouraging to look at finished work that is tidy, complete and spelled correctly.

I think also that children need to learn that it’s OK to fail sometimes before succeeding and that correction and guidance is a necessary part of learning.

In saying that, you will know the best way for your child.  My second child might throw a curve-ball at me and I might need to adapt the ‘master plan’ for her.  Isn’t that usually what happens?  Watch this space. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Common Sight Words

  1. Amy

    Wow interesting post! We take a completely different approach and encourage inventive spelling. I always enjoy reading your posts as I know how thoughtful and well researched you are. I guess with this matter I have a tendency towards descriptive linguistics a opposed to prescriptive. Amy x

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Thanks Amy. I so appreciate you commenting… and that you read my wee blog. 🙂 Hope to see you later this week.
      PS. I should probably add, I’m not aiming for absolute perfection with my daughter’s spelling, but more so encouraging her towards greater competency, and building her confidence with writing. If it achieved the opposite, I’d have no trouble with adjusting my approach.

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Thanks my friend.:)
      We don’t correct every little thing every time. But we try and work towards getting the right spelling in front of her consistently. For instance, my daughter has taken to writing in a journal and I haven’t gone near correcting her spelling in the actual journal itself. I think it would take the joy out of it. But I take note of what words she is spelling incorrectly and look at bringing those into our week’s learning.
      I noticed that the same words are getting mis-spelt, and they are pretty much just those 100+ common sight words.
      Will take a nosy at that site. Thanks heaps.


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