Family History and Homemaking

What does family history research have to do with homemaking?

I touched on it a bit last time, but I thought I’d provide a little more explanation as to why I’ve started posting on something that many people would think is just a hobby.  You might be wondering why researching family history is on a blog about homemaking!

bridesmaid To me, homemaking is more than baking wholesome food, cleaning the bathroom and keeping children fed and clean.  For some of us, homeschooling is also in the mix.  For sure, the physical things matter.  But homemaking is so much more than that.

Homemaking is about the environment you create in your home.  It’s about creating an atmosphere of joy, love, and honour where each member of your family can thrive.  It’s where children learn core values and character habits.  It’s where we, as parents, lay our particular emphasis into our children’s worldview.

I believe knowing your ancestral story provides an opportunity to discover your roots, which in turn brings understanding and perspective to your own life.  You learn that you are part of a continuous story.  You learn to honour the people that have sacrificed for your benefit, and value the freedoms bought by others.  When these things are laid into your children’s core values, I believe it is one of the things that will equip them for life.Alan and Mary

I’ve found that I’ve also learned that mistakes, tragedy, trials and loss, does not have to determine the pattern of the future for us or our children.  God has a redemptive plan whereby life and hope can emerge from the ashes of loss and destruction.  We truly can turn things around for our children and descendants via the choices we make with our lives.

I love seeing the desire my children already have to learn their ancestry.  It is something we study intentionally but also something that we weave into our conversations.  Although long departed, our ancestors stay alive as long as we tell their stories and honour their contribution, no matter how small.

Do you have a story to share on how learning family history has added value to your life?  Please feel free to share.

Next time I’ll start on the ‘how-to’s ‘of getting started.

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