“Little House on the Prairie” Lapbook Set


Photo credit: from Marine Corps Nomads (click photo for URL)

Here is a stunning set of free ‘Little House on the Prairie’ lapbooks by Heather on her website ‘Marine Corps Nomads’.  What an incredible gift to us homeschooling families!  We are so looking forward to doing these in future.

Heather has also created other lapbooks and notebooking pages that she offers for free.  Make sure you check out her super site.  I’ve just spent the last half an hour (so far) being encouraged.

– Victoria

Here are a couple of other places I found free ‘Little House’ resources:

The Little House series (at Book Depository):

5 thoughts on ““Little House on the Prairie” Lapbook Set

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor

    I like these books a lot, and now living on “that prairie” gives me a whole new appreciation! Harsh! No trees. No shade. No wind-blockers. Extremes of weather. Hot. So cold. But the birds are beautiful! The lapbooks look great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Lapbooks are a really fun way of learning about whatever topic you want, especially for younger ones. It’s basically a file folder with lots of mini books folded in different ways. They can be very simple (the website ‘1+1+1=1’ has them for younger ones) or much more complex (I love Homeschoolinthewoods.com). If you google ‘what is a lapbook’ you’ll get tons of places to look. Have a look on YouTube too!

  2. mwfinchwren

    Hi Victoria–
    Just wanted to let you know that I have a link today on my blog for both the free app and the free digital version of “The Old Schoolhouse” magazine for homeschoolers. You may already be familiar with this, but, if not, I wanted to share!


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