GAPS Diet Tips for Gut Health

GAPS Diet tips for gut health

The GAPS Diet is not going to be the right path to health for everyone, nor will it work for every time in your life.  But there are some helpful principles from the Diet that might help improve general digestive health when added into a balanced diet.

If for some reason you have to come off the Diet temporarily, you might find just doing these things alone will help continue to heal your gut.

Here’s my top 5:

  • Take a quality probiotic if your budget can manage it.  You might want to consider adding these in gradually, so as to not end up with any uncomfortable reaction.
    Some good brands I have personally used at different times are Lifestream ‘Advanced Probiotic Capsules’ (BioKult formulation in NZ), Garden of Life ‘Primal Defense’, Ethical Nutrients ‘Inner Health Plus’, and Nature’s Way ‘Primadophilus Reuteri’.
  • Adjust your Diet according to what your body is saying.  This has probably been the single most helpful thing I’ve done.  Whether or not a food is GAPS-legal or not, is it right for you?   Can your body handle unsoaked nuts?   Too much coconut flour?  Too much dried fruit?  Make gradual changes so you can monitor reactions, and adjust your diet accordingly.

I would also add (whether you’re doing GAPS Diet or not), avoid highly processed packaged foods, even if they say ‘gluten-free’, ‘dairy-free’ or even ‘organic’.  Many of these foods contain processed and hydrogenated oils, synthetic food additives and vitamins, heat treatment and the extrusion of grains, and even the organic juices you can buy often contain fluoridated water.  Opt for fermented, fresh, sun-dried, raw and traditionally prepared foods.

Please share if there’s anything that you have found helpful for digestive health.

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5 thoughts on “GAPS Diet Tips for Gut Health

  1. stephiekaye

    This was encouraging to me today! I jump off the GAPS trail drastically last night and guilt ensued like a think black blanket that led me to discouragement. Like…will I EVER stick to ANYTHING…will my gut EVER heal?? This post helped me keep a better perspective. I will not follow every rule every day but can still make better choices that aid healing. Blessings!!

  2. homegrownconnects

    HI! In response to the end of your last paragraph…how about frozen organic fruits and veggies?
    Thank you for your posts…I am very behind! 🙂 Haven’t been blogging much. 🙁

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Great idea! We can get frozen organic berries from our local organic shop but not much else that’s frozen. So I buy some things when they’re in season and freeze them. Lately I’ve been freezing squash – very helpful when you’re on GAPS to have lots of squash!


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