Take a Day Off Homeschooling

take the day off homeschoolingFour years of homeschooling later, I’ve learned that there are times when you just have to take the day off.  I used to think that I was caving into my child’s battles. But now I see that I have to just balance up what’s really going on under the surface, be it in their heart or within our family or home environment, versus my own need to keep my routine in place.  I’d rather just keep the joy of learning alive – wouldn’t you?

Here are some reasons you might want to consider taking a day (or two) off your formal schooling:

  • Someone is recovering from illness;
  • There’s been some special events on during the week and everyone is tired;
  • Mum has morning sickness;
  • Baby has arrived;
  • The nights hours were busy and someone is too exhausted (including Mum);
  • Someone is grumpy and it’s just not working today;
  • Things have been a bit monotonous lately and you need to freshen up your school time a bit;
  • You’ve been working hard and deserve a break;
  • Just because.

We had one of those days yesterday, so we just cruised through the day with no Maths or formal learning of any kind, but we had a really peaceful day of gentle learning and fun.

Activities requiring little or no supervision:

  • Draw a character from a book you are currently reading;
  • Go for a nature walk;
  • Lay down outside and look at the clouds together;
  • Free time outside – ball games, hop scotch, skipping, exploring with a magnifying glass;
  • Local museum or art gallery trip;
  • Take a trip to the library and get out as many books as your child can carry;
  • What season is it?  Can you crunch in the autumn leaves?  Walk on the beach and collect shells?  Get bundled up and splash in puddles or play in the snow?
  • Playdough or clay;
  • Quiet Time Bags for little ones;
  • Build a fort and create a scenario for your children; eg. today the kids have made a Turkish tea house under the kitchen table.  Or you could suggest they pick a historical era and dress up;
  • Find some other homeschoolers who are keen to have the day off too;
  • Make cards for someone special;
  • Write letters to someone important.  Or just someone that you think would like to receive a letter;
  • Get the children to create a play and then perform that evening;
  • Ride bikes;
  • Board games;
  • Threading beads;
  • Make jewelry;
  • Dance;
  • Have a look through all those art and craft books that you’ve accumulated and haven’t looked at in a while – any fresh ideas?
  • Finger painting;
  • Pull up some of those old clips on YouTube that you watched as a child, and watch with the kids: Little House on the Prairie, Swallows and Amazons, and some of those vintage cartoons like Snoopy;
  • Have your children create a play (or join up with another homeschooling family to do this).

Feel free to share some of your ideas!

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18 thoughts on “Take a Day Off Homeschooling

  1. Frith Mudge

    Ooh sounds great! We had a jarmie day the other day and Miss 3 and I stayed in bed till lunch time watching Little house on the Prarie. Miss 5 was amusing herself in the rumpas room with the dolls house and busy bag activities (yes I made some, thanks for your inspiration)! Great list there, I’m thinking we really need to have you over sometime soon for an afternoon off. What ya think?

  2. nades3

    My kids are still small (1 and 3) but I’m seriously considering homeschooling them. I’ve already started a bit with my 3 year old. I’m definitely going to need some of your guidance when they get a bit older 🙂

  3. Amy

    Hey just started reading your blog – love it! Can I add to the list – face painting, singing, reading picture books, climbing trees, water play, baking, picking flowers, chalk murals, hair dressing, cartwheels and hand stands …. the list goes on! 🙂 we love homeschooling

  4. 2livelovelearn

    So true Victoria! One of the beauties of being in charge of your child’s education is being able to take a more wholesome perspective on it all! Thanks for reminding us why we’re really doing this!

  5. Mommy Meditations

    Love this! My problem is sometimes I’m just feeling lazy and try to justify it by saying “We need a break” I have to work really hard on balancing “laid back” with “lazy”. I think I’m a ditch dweller :o) I fall into one ditch (work too hard) or the other ditch (don’t work hard enough).

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Ha! Think of it as ‘sitting’ in the ditch, not falling there. 😉 And we are still learning while we’re not sitting at the table doing bookwork aren’t we? Maybe I should have called this post ‘Taking a break from ‘formal’ homeschooling’…


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