Back to Eden – Small Beginnings

Our humble garden with its recently added cover.

Our humble garden with its recently added cover.

We consider ourselves fairly good gardeners, and have spent considerable time over the last few years developing our small plot in our urban rented home, having put in organic soil and compost and purchased organic seedlings from the local garden centre to get us started.  The next step was to purchase packets of organic heritage seeds and we have successfully grown many different plants in our patch this way. There is something very satisfying about growing your food from seed.

More recently, we’ve begun to save seed from our harvest, and enjoyed the learning curve of the different ways to cultivate seed from plants.  Some are very simple, such as pumpkins and kale, and others have a little more knack, such as tomatoes. You might consider us a little more dedicated than the average urban-dweller, although we’ve found there’s a lot of work involved in keeping the plants healthy when not using sprays and such, not to mention the amount of water our garden has required.

So when our good friends forwarded us a link to watch the online film Back to Eden, we soaked it up like eager beavers and were left feeling very excited about the possibilities, not just for our own small patch but also for many others.  In fact, we’d like to see widespread transformation of thousands of communities using these principles, as people seek to become re-connected to the land and the natural processes that have existed since ‘In the beginning, God…’.  The knowledge given to us via this Film fed right into our hearts desire we already have to steward the gift of life that the Lord has given us with greater revelation and an increased sense of co-operation with Him.

Imagine enjoying the bounty of your garden without the tilling and toiling that most of us have come to expect.  Imagine letting nature do what it does best itself, without our constant interference.

Curious?  Let me tell you a little more about this simple and profound film.

Paul Gautschi takes us on a journey through his garden and demonstrates the power of reconnecting with the simple rhythms and cycles in nature – those that take place without the involvement of people.  He encourages us to go out to where nature hasn’t been disturbed, look what is taking place, then copy it.  It is simply our task to co-operate with creation, adapt the principles to our own environment, and in the process, listen to how God leads us in the journey!

Back to Eden

The parts of this film that have particularly left their imprint on us:

  • At the Fall, we lost our connection to our Creator, and as a result, began to till the land.
  • Tending to our garden should not feel like toil.  If it does, then something isn’t right so listen to how the Lord leads you as you seek to apply these things to your environment.
  • God reveals something of His nature and character in the nature’s cycle of life: Romans 1:20 says: For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.
  • It’s all about the covering – find a local source for wood chips, collect grass clippings, save your own mulch from leaves etc, and keep your hay or straw (with no seeds) if you have it.
  • Over time you will have an increasing yield and have to do less and less. That’s one of the best bits. 🙂

Once you have watched the film, visit the ‘how-to’ on the website and arm yourself with the knowledge to put in a garden of your own, or transform your existing garden.

The Film also covers soil preparation, weeds, irrigation, crop rotation and everything you need to know about applying the covering to your garden or orchard.

Next time I post, I’ll write how we have begun to transform our garden and how it’s all going so far.  We’re excited!

Please leave a comment if you watch the film and are inspired to do the same!

Watch the Film here.

12 thoughts on “Back to Eden – Small Beginnings

  1. jlsgrant

    Love the idea of urban gardening. We moved to a relatively rural area last year and have plenty of room for a garden. I’m definitely going to watch that film. I have been worried about how to do a decent garden here without the deer and rabbits eating everything we plant! Thanks for stopping by Mindful Ramblings. 🙂

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Let us know what you think once you’ve watched it. There’s a part in the film where one very keen gardener got stuck in and changed his garden, but made a few key mistakes – I learned heaps from him too. 🙂
      If you’ve yet to put a garden in, start saving old newspaper for when you do start. Have fun!

  2. homegrownconnects

    Well this sounds great! I will watch the video probably not until tomorrow so I can watch it with my husband. I am very excited. I like your blog! I see you use Apologia too. So do I. Looks like we have some things in common! I am fairly new to blogging and am having fun making some connections! Thank you!

  3. James Ulmer

    Awesome…..Love the Lord ! Amen ! Would you be on Facebook as well? (!/groups/152020814843473/?fref=ts) My wife and I both are and we watched the film last Summer…we have not started the transformation…but brought home our first composted wood chips and dump it next to our own compost piles and other resources… this time I am converting to raised beds.. I will like those as well. .. James

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Hi James, thanks for stopping by! We are blessed to already have had some good organic compost at various stages of breaking down. So my husband has layered compost before putting down raw wood chips. There’s a bit of experimenting in the beginning, but we are sure it will all be worth it in the long run. – Victoria

  4. liveandlearnfarm

    LOVE it! We are doing a Back to Eden garden too… just starting this year! We had wood mulch delivered last summer from the utility company so it has been curing all winter. We just put our paper down and some wood mulch on one of our beds, have three plus more to go. We have dairy cows and chickens, so we have good compost to spread on top too. Paul is such a blessing, I am so thankful to have seen his video last year. I watched it again the other day and then called and talked with Paul to clarify a few areas. So ready for spring! It has been a LONG time since we were excited about planting season!

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Brilliant! We are excited too. We have heaps of learning to do yet though. Trying to be patient and let nature do its thing – wood chips breaking down is not something you can hurry. 🙂
      I keep reading everywhere how gracious and generous Paul is with helping others. I hope one day we get to speak to him myself… and say a big thank you. 🙂

  5. thegypsyhousewife

    I am an urban gardener as well. We love to grow things and raise our own little flock of chickens. My farm girl spirit is just as happy when my hands are in the soil in my little beds as if they were out on lots of land. I will definitely watch Back to Eden. Thanks!


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