Apologia Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

Apologia Zoo 1We are about to start Apologia Science’s Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day after having thoroughly enjoyed Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy last year.  I sure learned a thing or two myself. 🙂

The textbook is written in a Charlotte Mason narrative style which we love, and comes with an accompanying notebook in which your child can complete the assignments in the main textbook. We are going to use the Junior notebook version which is recommended for grades K-3.  It doesn’t have as many writing activities, has dashed writing lines, and each section has colouring pages which your child can do while you read the textbook.  Perfect.

What It Covers

There are 14 lessons that cover birds, bats, pterosaurs, and insects.

The recommendation (but feel free to do what suits you) is that you spend about 2 weeks on each chapter, giving plenty of time to complete the reading and assignments, and completing all 14 chapters over 32 weeks.  We found last year this was a good pace for us (with a 7 year old) and we also chose to add in a lapbook for each chapter as well.  We used A Journey Through Learning, but Knowledge Box Central and Live and Learn Press also do a similar product.  The lapbooks are not necessary to use unless you want to do a little extra to reinforce what your child is learning.  I haven’t decided if we’re going to do the lapbook as well this year – it seems like the course content might be enough. 🙂

Why We Love Immersion Science

The first year we introduced science to our year’s program 2 years ago, my daughter found it incredibly dry, difficult to retain anything of value, and attempting to cover such an enormous range of topics in a skimping way just didn’t suit us.  As a result, science faded out of our program mid-year along with the enjoyment.

Then we discovered Apologia, which takes the approach of immersing a child in one topic for the year and hence developing a love of the subject and a deeper knowledge of the world in which God has created.  We ‘re-started’ science at the beginning of last year, and plan to use Apologia right the way through elementary/primary school.  We love it!

Adding In Some New Zealand Resources

The following is a list of resources that we will be referring to, as things are a little different here Downunder.

1.  Websites (birds)

2.  Websites (bats)

3.  Websites (insects)

4.  Books (birds)

5.  Books (insects)

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11 thoughts on “Apologia Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

  1. thegypsyhousewife

    We did the Botany book last year and absolutely LOVED it! And like you said I learned a lot too. My oldest daughter really got into the notebook and her’s is beautiful. A keepsake for sure! I love the note booking approach. We use it for history as well and my kids have really cool ongoing History Notebooks/Scrapbooks.

    1. homemakingwithheart

      The notebooks are beautiful aren’t they?
      There are some amazing lapbook resources online now, with lots for free, but even the ones for purchase are well worth paying for. Homeschool in the Woods is one that we really like a lot, as they also do lots of timeline figures. Have you seen their products? – Victoria

  2. Mommy Meditations

    Does Apologia science work for teaching mulitple grade levels together? I use Story of the Worlf from Peace Hill Press for history and have had a great time teaching our 2nd and 3rd grader together. I would love to be able to that with science this upcoming fall as well. Right now we are using a pretty dry workbook style curriculm for science called Landmark. It’s “ok” but not my 3rd graders favorite.

    1. homemakingwithheart

      It would be wonderful to do with multiple ages. You could read the chapter to both children, and then they could do their respective notebooking journals (there is a Junior version for younger ones). Science was one of our most favourite subjects last year, which I wasn’t expecting with my arty daughter.
      My daughter is turning 8 this year, and a very good writer, but I will still use the Junior version of the notebook since the content in Flying Creatures is a step up from Astronomy last year.

  3. Mommy Meditations

    I ordered the Astronomy set and got it a few days ago. It looks like it is going to be so much fun, and I think if I make copies of the coloring pages from the junior notebook I’ll be able to include my toddler and kindergartener too! Thanks so much for the suggestion. I can’t wait to start.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Hi there, we do our Apologia science once a week on Friday mornings. I find my daughter retains much more and we get a good work flow happening if we spend a couple of hour on it in blocks of time. Thanks for stopping by! – Victoria


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