Sing Your Song!


The whole world is singing a song.  Have you heard it?

The wind is whispering it in the trees.  The rain is dancing it on the rooftops. The whole of creation is singing it out together: “God loves us. He made us. He’s very pleased with us!”.

It’s the song that’s been sung since the beginning.  The song God created everything in his world to sing.

It’s the song without words.  It’s the song you were created to sing too.

We forgot our song long ago, when we turned and ran away from God.  But Jesus has come to bring us home to God – and give us back our song.

So go on – sing your song!

This beautiful quote is from “Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing” by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago.  It is quite easily the best devotional book for children (and adults) I’ve ever come across.  I love the invitation to imagine, to hear the Lord’s voice speaking all around, and to see the beauty of the Lord’s fingerprints in His created world.  This is what I desire to be at the heart of my children’s faith journey through their childhood – the freedom to find their song, experiment with expressions of worship, and to make their sound with joy and thanksgiving.

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth! Come before him, singing with joy… He made us, and we are his. – Psalm 100:1-3

6 thoughts on “Sing Your Song!

  1. Britney

    I knew this sounded familiar – she wrote the Jesus Storybook Bible, too. I love it! Thanks for stopping over to read my post today. Still amazes me how we can connect with others half a world away! (I am from the USA) God bless you 🙂

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Thanks Britney! I’m still sitting here reading your blog. 🙂
      We love the Jesus Storybook Bible too. It was such a central ingredient in my daughter falling in love with God’s word (she’s now 7). Now when she reads the Old Testament, she reads it through the eyes of ‘every story whispering his name’.

      1. Britney

        Awesome – I hope I can say the same for my daughters in a few years! I’ll be reading some more of your posts tomorrow – but it’s almost midnight here so I gotta get to bed. I read your ‘about’ page and think our families sound pretty similar!


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