Stewed Apples

Stewed Apples

Here’s an easy breakfast that I had today.

It’s simply peeled, cored and sliced organic apples, simmered gently in water until soft.

Then I sprinkled on some raw organic vanilla powder and some cinnamon, and a dollop of homemade raw yoghurt.  YUM!  If you didn’t have any yoghurt on hand, you could stir in a little melted butter before topping with your sprinkles.  I might try that next time.

Stewed apples as a sugar substitute:  I’ve also blended up stewed apples and used them in baking recipes that require sugar. It takes a little tweaking to get the quantities right, as the apples add another wet ingredient, but I can usually get away with just adding a couple more tablespoons of flour/ground nuts or seeds etc depending on the recipe.

{GAPS Notes:  Cooked apple is suitable from Stage 5 on GAPS Diet but the additions of vanilla and cinnamon don’t make the list until Full GAPS Diet begins.  Spices are allowed if they are single, pure, and additive-free}.

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