GAPS Post-Holiday Restart

Some of the essentials on the GAPS Diet: Fermented cod liver oil, squash, kefir, sauerkraut and avocados.

Some of the essentials on the GAPS Diet: Fermented cod liver oil, squash, kefir, sauerkraut and avocados.

How did you survive the holiday season on the GAPS Diet?  I have to admit, we didn’t fare as well as I would have liked.  The lead-up to Christmas became very busy, with preparing to go away for a week and making a lot of presents (including two beautiful wooden dolls houses for our girls) so I didn’t put the time into food preparation.  Shawn finished work, and the following day we were away for a week.  As much as our wonderful host bent over backwards to accommodate us, there was still sugar (in the form of organic sugar, but sugar nonetheless :)), starches (hummus and new potatoes from the garden), processed foods (organic corn chips just to name one) and other Christmas treats that we wouldn’t normally eat.

I did my best, but I had to balance wise food choices with my children getting to enjoy themselves.

We all enjoyed Christmas very much and are still enjoying our summer holidays for another week or so before we launch into the year.

Now I have to think about re-starting the GAPS Diet for our family.  The thought of having to get organised again doesn’t exactly get me leaping off the walls, so perhaps writing this will help stir up that motivation again!

Doing a stocktake

First of all, how are we feeling after having strayed from the GAPS path a little?

Well I’m feeling a little foggy-headed and am also getting an unsettled stomach as soon as I eat anything with grains (including fermented and gluten-free grains).  Or cheese.  I think I had this before but I was so used to it that I ignored it.

Husband?  His eczema has flared up in the last few days and he has some uncomfortable blisters on his hand.  His excesses were far worse than mine, and unfortunately he has found out the hard way that health of one’s digestion is undeniably linked to the skin.  It’s been more obvious than ever.

Kids?  They seem mostly OK, although I can see my 3 year old has been a bit floppy and tired during the day which is not usual for her.  My 7 year old has tiny bumps on her cheeks (she’s always had them) which I also have on my arms, and which I understand to be keratosis pilaris.  They seem worse on my daughter this week than normal.  I’ve always suspected gut issues as the cause (or more specifically, gut issues causing absorption issues).  I need to do some more reading on this one (and I’m also going to try this).

It’s amazing that only 2 or 3 weeks of not being consistent has been enough to highlight these issues again.  They almost seem worse than before, perhaps due to our increased awareness of the direct connection of these things to our diet.  So perhaps straying a little has shown us a thing or two that makes this part of the journey worth it!

My Plan Going Forward

  • Make plenty of stock and freeze
  • Stock up on homemade sauerkraut and fermented carrots.
  • Top up our supplements, as they’ve gotten low so we’ve been having less of them to make them last longer.
  • And add in an HCl with pepsin supplement, which I have delayed adding into my current regime – simply due to the extra expense. 🙂  But after re-reading the chapter on ‘Digestive Enzymes’, I undoubtedly need this one.  Husband doesn’t seem to.  Gladly.
  • Research some local sources for organic vegetables – our local organic shop doesn’t have as much variety and as a result I’m finding that we are getting bored very easily.
  • Source some raw cream so I can make my own raw butter.
  • Research some new recipes to liven up our diet a bit.
  • If I manage to get some fresh recipes into our diet (especially vegetable-based ones), then I won’t feel the urge to snack on dried fruit so much.  So less sweet things for us, and more healthy hearty food and fresh summer salads.
  • Also, less baked things, especially those with coconut flour in it as it’s still too fibrous for me.

And after writing that, I feel better about kick-starting the Diet again.  It sure helps to have a plan – less overwhelming!

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2 thoughts on “GAPS Post-Holiday Restart

  1. Eating 4 Balance

    I’m currently doing GAPS, so I’m excited to read about how you handle the HCL and whether it helps you or not. I use ox bile, but if there’s something better out there I’m always willing to give it a try!

    1. homemakingwithheart

      Thanks Madison! I re-read the chapter in the GAPS book on Digestive Enzymes and it made a lot of sense second time around. She says in her experience GAPS patients need to supplement with HCL as restoring normal stomach acidity triggers the pancreas to produce its own enzymes and then you don’t need to take any other digestive enzymes. It’s sort of like a production line – you need to get the thing at the start right for the rest to work. 🙂
      I’m already finding I’m not getting nausea after eating heavy food when I take them. Looking forward to seeing how things improve!


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