Homeschool Cover Pages

Pino Daeni's "Golden Afternoon".

Pino Daeni’s “Golden Afternoon”.

I’m just plugging away with organising our homeschool year at the moment.  I find if I can do a little each day, the task doesn’t quite seem so enormous.  It’s very satisfying to start seeing completed folders and their contents printed, and books lined up on the shelf. 🙂

Today’s job ticked off the list was cover sheets for Rosie’s folders.  They are very simple and are best printed onto cardstock (colour would look nice), or glued onto some old card if this is what you have instead.  These are the ones I’ve done:

  • Famous Artists
  • Famous Musicians
  • English (cover)
  • English dividers for Copywork and Narration, Spelling, and Reading List.
  • Bible
  • Geography
  • History

We’re not doing poetry or creative writing this year as Rosie is still a bit young, but if this is something you do, you might like to use the blank English page.

Here is the link to download the Cover Pages.  I’ve also added some Spelling List pages (to use with ‘All About Spelling’ program) and a Reading List page we will be using.

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