Embracing the Dancer Within

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.— Sir Ken Robinson


This fantastic TED talk from Sir Ken Robinson watched many times a while back has fed into how I homeschool, and in fact, how I parent really.  Our children are born to be creative, and how quickly we move to educate this out of them.  Think about it.  How swiftly do we correct their sense of wonder and creativity because it doesn’t fit our expectations for them?  In their younger years, should we not give them the freedom to make sound, mess, invent, build, dance and express in wonderful ways?  Ah, but what about the three R’s you say?  What about order, workbooks, and good personal habits?  It’s OK, we don’t need to ditch the maths altogether.  I think it is more about providing space to let them express what God has already intrinsically woven into them.  Space: time space, heart space, room space.

There is a time for discipline, for sums, for sitting still.  And there is a time to dance, climb, explore, wonder, and imagine.  These expressions hold value – not because they will get you a job, but because they give us all a glimpse into the Creator, who saw space and filled it with His creativity.  We His children, made in His image, give glory to Him through freely being.  Please offer your creative expression to the world, so others might capture a glimpse of His goodness, His majesty, His beauty, His splendor – that only your unique vessel can display!

And herein lies the challenge – how to adequately prepare our children for a world in which academics is usually rewarded over creative expression.  Where value is on ‘the doing’ and not on ‘the being’.  I’m not exactly sure how this will look, as my husband and I steward the education and upbringing of our children, other than we seek to provide a multifaceted education through their young years in which they feel they are free to be themselves and experiment with the layers within their purpose.  And yes, get the maths done and dusted in the process as well.

I see that I already have three dancers to nurture and raise with my husband… they are all uniquely wired from the Father’s heart to ‘dance’, be it ballet, building or balance beam acrobatics.  Or something else I haven’t seen yet.

Dear Lord, please don’t let me silence the dancer within…

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” — Ken Robinson

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