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2013 art calendarFinally my 2013 ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’ Calendar arrived, after being misdirected to Owaka in the South Island.  Perhaps the Christmas rush was a bit much for the mail sorting room!

I love the idea of bringing fine art into our homeschool in such a simple way.  There’s no extra study involved, just simply a conversation with my children each morning.  The content ranges from ancient to contemporary art, and includes different types media.

As expected there’s the odd one that I’ll pull out before their eyes see them – there are some conversations I’m not ready to have with them yet.  🙂

The calendar has a page per day, with half on the back pages, so halfway through the year we’ll have to decide what to do with these beautiful pictures.  I can’t bring myself to throw them away.  So here are some ideas I already have in mind for the kids to do with the pages when 1 July arrives:

  • File away the best ones for future artist studies (the kids are still a bit young to get too carried away with lots of study in this area).
  • Arrange them into chronological order.
  • Create a collage.  Instead of just cutting the edges of the pictures, use zig-zag scissors or carefully tear the edges for a different effect.
  • Pick out their favourite ones and turn into a book.  Laminate a cover they create with ‘My Favourite Art’ for their heading.
  • Sort into colours, type of art, similar-looking art (or periods if your children are older), themes (such as buildings, nature, people, etc), or whatever your child’s imagination can come up with.
  • Decorate your art area or homeschool area.
  • Have your children chose their most favourite and frame it for their bedroom.
  • Frame one and give as a gift to someone special.  You might like to make your own simple frame from recycled materials, such as driftwood from the beach and thick card from the back of paper pads.
  • Make your own greeting cards by gluing onto card.
  • Use them as story starters.  If your child is not confidently writing with their own hand yet, have them dictate the story to you.
  • Play i-spy with your younger ones.
  • Try playing a memory game, where you let them look at the picture for a while, turn it over, and have them retell what they can remember about it.

Now that I’ve written all these, I can already see that we are going to enjoy this ‘after-thought’ I had for our homeschooling this year.  What a worthy spend of less than $20 NZ.  🙂

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