My Favourite Worship Album of 2012

Hans album coverCan I tell you about a fantastic worship album that has blessed us tremendously?  I can’t help but get excited when the sound of heaven collides with the sound of our nation.  I love the indigenous sound that I’ve been hearing come from our beloved nation in the last couple of years.  But this is one worship album has me doubly excited, as behind the talented name on the front, there is also somewhat of a collaborative effort that has gone into it from some of the best people ever.

‘On the Back Hills of Bethlehem’ by Hans Kraenzlin, was largely written in the stunning Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, but features musicians from around the world, including award-winning Polish producer Pawel Zareck. The result is a unique blend of sounds and melodies, and something within the music comes to life in a way that causes my own spirit to leap.

Like with any worship album such as this, Hans’ own journey comes through in his music, and you can’t help but respond to the invitation to draw nearer to the Father and enjoy His presence.  Hans’ story of encountering the Father, woven with honesty and beauty through the music, is one available to us also.  We too can yearn for Him in a way that fills us with unquenchable hope and joy.

There are so many amazing worship albums produced these days.  So why do I love this one (besides the obvious fact that we love Hans and would pretty much cheer on anything he does)?

Well… I feel drawn to know the Father more intimately through these songs.  I feel my heart becoming freer as I give myself over to the dance in my heart.  I feel stirred to intercede and declare the goodness of God over the earth.  Most of all, I feel the irresistible urge to drink in His JOY and release my own sound on the earth, the sound of worship within me.  Simple really.  Not only do I get to pour out my affections upon Him, but I also hear Him respond to me in a way that I feel like His beloved child.  Thank you Hans for this incredible gift.

Visit to buy the album via i-tunes and listen to samples.  You’ll be blessed!

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