Prayer for Our Nation

Here is a prayer that I wrote for Anzac Day a couple of years ago.  It was read out aloud by our church congregation that we were part of at the time.  It still reasonates in my heart.  I hope it blesses you also.

Lord, we Your people lift up Your glorious name over New Zealand.  Thank you for planting each one of us in this nation that is mighty in Your hands.  We are called to be a people of great courage, humility, honour, and ones who serve alongside others.

We declare today that we will endeavour to walk in the calling You have placed upon us as a nation.  We thank You Lord for our indigenous people, for the richness of their culture and how they are the foundation of our national identity.  We value their voice and call forth the gift that You have placed within them to bless our nation as well as many others.

Let our nation of mixed cultures and heritage display your unity, as we advance Your Kingdom on the earth.  Release us into our destiny as a Church, a City and a Nation.  May we walk into what You have called us to.

Lead us as we work alongside other nations as they themselves forge forward into their destiny, and let us demonstrate a spirit of reconciliation.  Forgive us where we have dishonoured our fellow countrymen, our leaders, and those whom You have brought here to be part of Your plan.

Raise up a missions nation that will do great exploits for their God – let everything we do be done unto the Lord.  We unite our hearts with Yours and give ourselves to serve You and bring you glory.

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