Winter Homeschool Fitness

We’re just on the other side of winter here in New Zealand, gladly.  One of the advantages of homeschooling is that I don’t have to send my children off to school knowing that in the middle of winter they won’t be huddled in a corner by the jungle gyms during lunch hour, shivering in their inadequate school uniforms, or doing the infamous PE class run around the block in bare feet and shorts.  (20 year old memories are flooding back as I write).

It also means that we have to make exercise intentional around here if we’re going to be spending more time indoors.  If you’re housebound for whatever reason (eg. having a baby around can make it tougher to get out and about) you might like to write up a plan so you have some intentionality about keeping fitness on the radar with your children.

Family FitnessThis last winter, I purchase a Hi-5 DVD which the girls danced to first thing in the morning for about 20m a few times a week. We also have these exercise cards of simple exercises we can do inside.  Some of these ideas are from Homeschool Family Fitness, an excellent book to add to your homeschool resources.

If you are able to get out, you might like to sign your children up to do:

  • indoor athletics
  • gymnastics
  • indoor swimming (use these free resources as a skills checklist)
  • dance classes
  • music and movement sessions with younger ones
  • indoor team sports

How about incorporating learning into exercise.  How about learning times tables while doing star jumps?  Or counting backwards instead of forwards?  Or skip counting in 2’s or 3’s?

Does anyone else have any ideas for staying fit through the winter?

3 thoughts on “Winter Homeschool Fitness

  1. terrikenworthy

    We have a very very long cold winter here in Mongolia so I’ve also been concerned about how to keep my kids active when it’s too cold to play outside . . . my kids have been watching me do step aerobics and sometimes try to join in or mimick my exercise so I thought it would be fun to get them some exercise dvds of their own! I just ordered Yoga Kids Fun Collection and KFIT Jumpstart Your Health from Amazon – after reading lots of reviews, these seemed like good choices but I can’t say for sure until we get them and give them a try ourselves 🙂 (My kids are 3 and almost 5).

    1. homemakingwithheart

      HI Terri, now there’s something I didn’t say in my post… modelling exercise. 🙂 That’s certainly something I haven’t been good at this last year! I love the idea of all doing aerobics together. My 2 older children are 3 and 7, so I wonder if they’d be up to it – let me know how you go!

  2. Elizabeth

    Winter can draw on & on with homeschooling, one activity that I evented years ago when they were very young we were extremely poor is taking a mattress out of their room & moving the living room furniture. Drape the mattress over the couch & let them roll down. My kids have evolved it now to a mattress over the stairs with many pillows & blankets at the bottom. keeps them busy for a long while & they get fitness in. claiming up the mattress has been just as fun to them at sliding down


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