I realise this post might be stating the obvious a bit, but perhaps it’s a good reminder to someone out there (including myself) that we don’t have to stick to a schedule like concrete just because 12.00 has rolled around and we haven’t finished with the morning’s learning.

Something I’ve found useful lately, to squeeze in that extra bit of reading that didn’t get done, is simply to read over lunch.  I tell the kids we’re “lunch-schooling”.  It works for us for these reasons:

  • It doesn’t ‘feel’ like work;
  • We don’t have to stop part way through a subject just because it’s lunch, and then try and re-start after lunch (sometimes hard);
  • I get to actually sit down and eat lunch;
  • The kids stay at the table when they’re listening to me read, without the hopping up and down that can sometimes happen during mealtimes;
  • We can all join in with discussing what was read aloud.

We’ve been doing Science over lunch this week (Apologia Astronomy) as I’ve found that we haven’t been getting finished by lunch-time.  Next week, perhaps we’ll do something which is more exciting for the kids, like some history or Jesus Storybook Bible stories.  And then I get to do different voices which the kids always love. 🙂

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