Reasons Why We Homeschool

Reasons why we homeschool

We see our intention to homeschool as an extension of our role as parents.  It isn’t my intention to promote homeschooling as the way for everyone – this is just why we have chosen to do it.  Some of our goals may be similar to yours, but your journey in parenting and educating might look different.

For us, we couldn’t see that we could achieve the outcome that the Lord had placed on our hearts for our children with the pathway of sending our children out to school.

So here are the main reasons why we homeschool:

  • To be the primary source of influence in our children’s lives.
  • To build a missions-minded worldview in their hearts that promotes a desire to love and serve our Heavenly Father throughout the earth.
  • To be intentional about instilling godly character in their hearts.
  • To focus on each of our children’s areas of strength, where we see the Lord unfolding his purpose in their lives, and tailor our program accordingly.
  • To build relationships with like-minded Christians who have similar core values and purpose for their families, and to do life together in a manner that is authentic, meaningful, and intentional.
  • To provide an environment where our children can be properly socialised within a multi-age community of friends and family, as socialisation is not as healthy in a single age peer group alone.
  • To have the freedom to do family life, learning, community in a way that encourages creativity, innovation, adventure and thinking outside the box.  And sometimes just to have bucket-loads of fun.
  • To spend heaps of time together while our children are young, and enjoy learning, having a wonder and awe of the world we live in, and being one another’s best cheerleaders.
  • To learn heaps of amazing things about the world and excel in all areas of learning –homeschoolers statistically do better academically, socially, and in all areas of life, regardless of their parents education.
  • To keep the inappropriate stuff out of their education – peer pressure, bullying, drugs, ridiculous education agendas (like sex education for young children – yes they do this in our country), the list could go on…
  • And let’s not forget: to do school work outside or under the kitchen table; to go on learning ‘rabbit trails’ without having to worry about the bell ringing; to devour wonderful books and stories at our own pace; and best of all, to make really cool forts.

We do want to protect them from being exposed to certain worldviews while they are young and make no apology or defence for that.  But at the same time, we don’t want to shelter them from all things bad or uncomfortable.  Rather we see the opportunities to expose them to certain things in a way and timing that is both age/developmentally appropriate and is considerate of their individual personalities.  When we expose our children to the suffering in the world, and walk them through their response, we can develop a heart of compassion in them towards that world.

If you’re interested in looking at some more information and options to consider for your homeschooling, take a look at ‘Homeschool Toobox’ above under the Homeschooling tab.

What are some of the reasons why you have decided to homeschool?

~ Victoria

6 thoughts on “Reasons Why We Homeschool

  1. mtetar

    All thanks to God for giving you the patience to homeschool that’s truly a Blessing. Continue to Be a Blessing because you’re Blessed. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Chantal

    We don’t know each other, but you got into my brain, and said the exact words that I could never express or say so beautifully!!! Thank you for this beautiful post! God bless.

  3. Lisa M

    Thank you for this. I’m starting to write our vision for homeschooling and I really love your thoughts here, as mine are very similar. I am hoping to begin this Fall with our four!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Good for you! Setting a vision, and re-evaluating it periodically, is such a great thing to do! Helps through those tougher days… 😉


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