NZ History Resource: ANZAC Kit

Kiwi homeschooling Mums, this is a great resource to add to your New Zealand history resources.

The Kit is made up of a number of Paks (not all pictured as there’s tons more inside envelopes – I only pictured the loose stuff).  I would gauge the level as aimed at children between 8 and 12 years of age.  As I’ve been looking through the kit, so far I’ve found the contents to be an appropriate introduction to the subject of war.  I like how it is honouring of a generation that paid a high price for a cause .

There is a teacher’s guide, maps, posters, 10 photocards, 5 actions cards (with ideas on how to use the photocards), a cassette tape with stories, a book, and other goodies.  The subjects range from the Anzac history of Gallipoli itself, to a personal look at one soldier’s life in the Great War.

The great thing about this kit is that you can re-use it throughout your children’s elementary years, and focus on a different topic each time.  With your younger ones (between ages 6 and 8), you may like to keep it simple and focus on what life was like 100 years ago in New Zealand, or use one of the photocards as a story starter.  If they can cope with a little more writing (doing themselves or dictating to you as you type), you could write journal entries together or get your child to write a news article.

The Anzac Kit is only $30 plus postage.  To purchase, contact the National Army Museum.

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