Beef Stock

Beef Stock is another incredible thing you can add to your diet to benefit your health.  Made from grass-fed, prefererably organic, beef bones, it provides a base for many of your other meals such as soups, casseroles and rice.  I’ve read a number of times how its gelatin not only aids digestion but has also been used to treat many intestinal disorders.  It’s on the menu for the GAPS diet and the Body Ecology Diet – two very common-sense approaches to nutrition and healing through diet.


A variety of beef bones (or whatever you can get)
Apple cider vinegar
Celery leaves
Fresh parsley


1)  Place bones in pot, cover with water, and add a couple of Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

2)  Leave to sit for an hour.

3)  Add celery leaves, parsley sprigs, and a couple of chopped carrots, with a good crack of pepper.

4)  Simmer for at least half a day on low.  Scoop off scum as it rises to top and discard.

5)  When finished, remove the bones and vegetables, and strain the liquid into a large bowl.  Cool in fridge, remove the fat that rises to the top, and then freeze or use.

Further reading:
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (also Weston A Price Foundation has a couple of articles about broth/stock, as well as videos).
The GAPS Diet (NB. if you’re making this stock for the GAPS Intro Diet, omit the vegetables).

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