Apple-Beetroot Salad

We call this the ‘Pink Lady’ salad around here.  For some reason, putting ‘pink’ in the name makes it more appealing to the girls.  There are various versions of this all over the raw world on the internet.  So here’s my version.

Simply finely grate a medium-sized beetroot and two medium apples (peeled first).  Combine together, including the juice that is formed, and serve with seed powder sprinkled on top.

The salad pictured uses a blend of seeds, but usually I like pumpkin seeds purely for the green colour against pink.

If I can get the girls to eat a few spoonfuls of this at dinner-time, I can rest easy that they’ve had some healthy food in their tummies, especially if the rest of veges on the plate get shunned. 🙂

[Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Grain-free]

{The idea for this came from Susan Teton Campbell’s ‘Essential Cuisine’ DVDs.  See this recipe for Susan’s Raw Apple Beet Salad with sesame.}

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