Fast Hummus

I’m definitely a believer in the benefits of soaking grains and legumes.  But sometimes I haven’t thought ahead to do this over night so I like to keep a can or two of chick peas in the pantry to throw it all together if I need to.

This is a recipe I used today but note that the ingredients are approximates and you should taste and adjust the flavours if you need to (ie. add more lemon juice and/or seasoning).  I tend to lighten up on the tahini and garlic to start with as these can overpower the final product if you add too much in straight away.


1x can chick peas
¼ cup of tahini
½ cup lemon juice
½ to 1 clove of crushed garlic
salt and pepper
Filtered water


1)  Mix in blender and add enough water (slowly) to get the mixture to turn smoothly in blender.


Today I split the blended mixture into two, and transferred to my magic bullet (a coffee grinder will do). The magic bullet is great for doing smaller quantities that won’t spin so well in the blender.

One portion I mixed with about ½ cup of cooked pumpkin, and the other half I mixed with a similar quantity of cooked beetroot.  I’d been gently simmering some root vegetables to make baby food so threw some extra in the pot.

The result was beautiful smooth hummus with a hint of extra flavour from the added root vegetables.  We ate this for lunch with some gluten-free bread dippers and carrot sticks.

[Dairy-free, and gluten and grain-free if you don’t serve with the bread :)]

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