Homemade Wipes

These are a handy way of saving money on buying expensive wipes, and also much gentler on little bottoms.  Remember not to over-do the essential oil (for little bubs, I didn’t use any until he was eating solids).

I’ve tried these with other types of paper towels, even thicker brands, but I’ve found they only work with Viva.  Today I picked up a double roll on special for just over $3.  That’s only 50c per half roll used.

I have 2 round containers I purchased from the supermarket.  Double the quantities to make 2 containers at once.  We also have a smaller round container that we use for the nappy bag.

3/4 cup of filtered water
1 or 2 drops of melaleuca tea tree oil
A half roll of Viva paper towels

Simply cut roll in half, remove cardboard core, and put in container that already has the water and oil in it.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Wipes

  1. Kate

    My two year old can’t use the store bought wipes. They cause her to blister. I used washable flannel wipes, but I love the idea of making my own. Thanks for the idea!


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